"Without a struggle, there can be no progress." -Frederick Douglass


The 1st Person Project is an attempt to collect ECT patient/survivor stories in a central database. Its purpose is twofold: to preserve and document the stories of those who have undergone ECT/electroshock, and to provide persons contemplating this treatment with the shared experiences of others.

You may access the database of stories without an account, but in order to leave your story, you must set up a quick account with username and password. Please make note of your name/password, as I will not have access to these and if you want to make changes, you will need them to access your entry. Whether you use your real name or not is up to you. Be aware that these are on the web and can be read by anyone. I do not require real names because I want people to feel safe in sharing their stories.

  • Access the 1st Person Project Database (read/search only)

  • Leave your story (choose a username and password, then fill in as much information as you wish)

  • Read more about the 1st Person Project

  • These stories are not to be reproduced anywhere without permission - that includes Usenet. Please respect participants' copyrights.

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