Christian Hageseth 4th: “Any crazy bitch can get a web site”

Here are a couple of fan mails from the son and wife of Christian Hageseth. I’ve gotten others, but they’re just too boring to post.

I’ve also received a number of emails from women who say they were former patients of Hageseth. Let’s just say they’re all disgruntled and have one theme in common: they all believe Hageseth does not like assertive women.

Interesting, then, that he has his wife write his emails for him, as well as his son. Seems like Hageseth is missing a sac if he can’t even write his own emails.

I have to admit that Christian the 4th’s line “Any crazy bitch can get a website” is my all-time favorite! Love it! He’s so darned cool.

Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 14:35:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: Christian Hageseth
Subject: Not the Doctor but his son.

I came across your web site today for the first time. You may recognize my name.

Let me leave my comments to this:

It is far easier to criticise than to do – as you are showing. The men you blast have all applied themselves for, on average, 14 years of education – after high school – Just to begin practicing psychiatry. Any crazy bitch can get a web site.

More people listen to you when you sling mud than when you speak the truth. You reach out exclusively to what you term the victims and survivors – the truth would inculde all perspectives without using words which provide insight into your clear bias.

I hope you are well intentioned but doubt you are. I hope that you can help the number of people my Dad helped in his career – but am sure you will not.

I see you are involved in criticism not action, slinging mud not pursuing the truth and most horrifyingly you preach your personal opinions, in the context of educating.

You call in to question my Dad’s motivation for the making of his video – have you ever criticized your own motivation? Should you choose to open your site up to an actual debate I would gladly apply the same critical eye to your motivations as you did to my fathers – could you possibly be courageous enough to handle that?

Christian Hageseth IV
(The son of one of your victims)


From: “Dr. Christian Hageseth”
To: emailgraphic.jpg
Subject: Just Plain Wrong
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 09:50:10 -0600

Well, imagine how it feels to read such erroneous, gossip about one’s own husband.

I am not sure just what kind of crusade you are on, but it would be helpful to get your facts straight.

My husband, Dr. Christian Hageseth, does NOT have sex with his patients, again check your facts, or do you want to read like the National Enquirer? Shame on you.

The Appellate Court of Appeals of the State of Colorado reversed the Colorado State Medical Board’s decision to revoke Dr. Hageseth’s license. They stated in the official record that�the medical board failed to prove their case.

God help you if you should ever find yourself suffering from severe intractable depression that no therapy or drug can touch. I only pray that you will have a doctor like Dr. Hageseth who administered ECT in the most compassionate way possible, who cared for his patients and changed their�lives. One of the greatest results of ECT is that it allows subsequent medications to be effective when before ECT they were not.

You are scaring away people who desperately need ECT. You are lying on the web where people can read it.

Shame on you, shame on YOU.

Laurel Hageseth

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