WINNER: Charles Kellner

Disclaimer: This is NOT the Charles (Chuck) Kellner who is an engineer. That Chuck Kellner seems like a very nice guy and I regret that people trying to find him come upon this page. He has nothing to do with Charles Kellner the shock doc.

Public Misinformation Manager

Welcome our newest member to the ECT Hall of Shame, Dr. Charles Kellner.

Charles KellnerDr. Kellner makes a career out of distorting the truth in order to make ECT look better to the public. He has lied on other television shows, covering up his ties to the manufacturers, and distorting available research.

However, this is the first time we have it on tape for your review.

From the talk show Gordon Elliot, we present our latest Shame Inductee, Dr. Charles Kellner.


Dr. Charles Kellner blatantly lies about the current stimulus dosing used in today’s ECT!

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When questioned about his financial ties to Mecta, one of the shock machine manufacturers, Dr. Charles Kellner attempts to change the subject.
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Here, Dr. Kellner says the tragic experiences of patients like Hope and Diann’a are “unfortunate” and goes on to say that most people will be cured by ECT. He fails to mention the now-admitted high relapse rate, or the need for continuation/maintenance ECT.[gv data="cZ7wjoJoMvE"width="250" height="206"][/gv]

Dr. Charles Kellner misleads the public about the effectiveness of ECT.

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Dr. Charles Kellner makes up a story about how ect works. The truth is, nobody knows, and he’s CAUGHT ON TAPE fabricating a nice tale.

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jenny schmitzSeptember 10th, 2007 at 8:33 pm

Hello Dr.Kellner,
I am so thankful to have coorospondence with you. You have changed my life forever! I have forgotten most of college, all of culinary school, and a large portion of anyone important whom I’ve ever met! No one short of a God could make such things happen. I’m sure your mother is very proud of you. After all, I can think of only Hitler, and a few others whom could be graced with your presence.Stalin tried to live up to the standards you produced, but only you could succesfully brain wash an entire society at once. I do believe you have far exceeded Hitler. — an A+++ for you. I’m sure God has found a special place for you. Thanks for all of your hard work. LOVE, with so much love, Jenny Schmitz

jenny schmitzSeptember 10th, 2007 at 8:52 pm

Dearest Dr.Kellner,
The most absurd thing happened. I had several people approach me believing that you had ruined their lives! How could that be so?? All you do is slither your way into persons lives until you find an outlit for large sums of money. Once you establish these facts, you go in for the kill, the venome.
Next, you smile, and tell your “victims” that you will gentely place electrodes on either side of their temples, and other wires on their chests, legs, or ankles , to make sure all electricity is administered safely.
If it weren’t for you, persons may have lost their entire life memories, actions, events, and even their self worth. I thank God for you, because if you weren’t here, God may not have lived. It’s a good thing you know you are Jesus. I’m sure you know how incredibily important you are.
You are so much more important than any other entity.You are God, I only say this because you continuely assert yourself as more important than Jesus Christ , himself. It’s quite an ego you have!!!

jenny schmitzSeptember 10th, 2007 at 9:15 pm

Dearest Dr.Kellner,
I’ve never had anyone in my life compare themselves to God like you have this evening. You are a “go-getter” . You are so special because you believe that you are justified to give and take persons brains on your command. You are so blessed that you have the god given right to mold brains as you see fit. I only wish God trusted me with such knowledge. You must be a KING!!
I’m sure you already believe that about yourself. Don’t forget, HUBRIS kills most everyone in the end. Your wreckless lust for science will catch up with you one day. I hate to remind you that you are only human and we don’t win in the end.
So, trim your beard just perfect, smile for the cameras, find some lost souls whom will smile on your command , look smart and proud , and pay for your next magazine article. Don’t worry, we’re all watching and cheering, God places everyone in the beautiful place where they shoul reside.
continue to “save souls” we’re counting every soul you touch.

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