Mecta and Easybar: twins separated at birth?

As has been reported extensively on, the couple that has owned Mecta Corporation for years also owns Easybar Beverage Management Systems. Mecta makes shock machines, and Easybar makes machines that dispense beverages, primarily marketed to casinos.

Compare the two devices, the Easybar and a Mecta ECT device: (Easybar has the cocktail in front)


While they obviously aren’t the same machine (one gives electricity, the other gives booze), the similarity in design is striking. Perhaps that’s because, according to a former engineer with the company, the designers/engineers sometimes co-mingle and try to troubleshoot design flaws.

While searching the Internet, I came across some interesting websites, which are of great concern. It seems there’s a real market for “recycled” medical devices. In February of 2006, listed a Mecta SR1 device for sale. It’s now gone…WHO BOUGHT IT and where is it being used? This is very disturbing.

Listing of the used medical equipment sites I came across: (4u, that’s cute!)

There are more, but this gives you an idea of the market in medical device garage sales on the internet.

Update: A few days later, Associated Press carries a story on concerns over this very issue…recycled devices.

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