April 20:
Justice Bromley Hall issued the order in Mr. Thomas’ case today, granting authorization to Pilgrim Psychiatric Center to administer 40 additional electroshocks, but staying the order so that it is not effective until 5 PM on Wednesday, April 25. Efforts by the State Attorney General’s office to make the order effective immediately were not successful. Mr. Thomas’ attorneys from Mental Hygiene Legal service intend to seek an extension of the stay from the Appellate Division on Monday, to prevent Mr. Thomas from being shocked during the appeals process. The appeals process is likely to take about two months.

April 24:
Today, attorneys from Mental Hygiene Legal Service presented over 90 pages of papers, including hearing transcripts, to the Appellate Division as part of their effort to obtain a stay pending appeal for Paul Thomas. The papers were reviewed by a judge from the Appellate Division, who granted a temporary restraining order (TRO) returnable on April 30th. After April 30th, a four judge panel will review the arguments made by each side, and reach a decision about granting a stay pending appeal. If the stay pending appeal is granted by the four judge panel, Pilgrim Psychiatric Center will be prohibited from shocking Mr. Thomas until after the appeals process is complete. Today’s decision protects Mr. Thomas from receiving electroshock until at the earliest, the beginning of May, after the four judge panel reaches a decision.

May 2:
Paul Henri Thomas and Adam Szyszko have won stays pending appeal, through June 26.

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