Update on Paul Henri Thomas

from Support Coalition International

February 20, 2001 – feel free to copy to others


Today has been a real roller coaster for Paul Henri Thomas and his supporters.

Even though Paul has a new lawyer who has managed to get him a hearing about his forced shocks (a week from Friday), Pilgrim Psychiatric planned to go ahead with another forced electroshock TOMORROW morning.

His lawyers tried to get a restraining order, but time was running out… The shock was scheduled for 8 am tomorrow, the courts open at 9 am.

Pilgrim claimed they were just doing what was “clinically indicated.” So the lawyers argued that they were trying to get an outside psychiatrist to see Paul who may say that the forced shock would harm him clinically in terms of his ability to communicate, including in court….

So Pilgrim director “gave his word” that the forced shock would be held off until perhaps Friday. Of course, we don’t trust the director of Pilgrim… but apparently there may be a few day reprieve from the torture.

Paul was extremely relieved a few hours ago when he heard the word “cancelled.” From what we can tell, this would been about his 41st or 51st or even 71st forced shock during these last two years, depending on how one counts the various court orders (according to reports, his lawyers will be more accurately counting the total number of forced shocks he’s had so far after the flurry of court filings settles down).

AT BOTTOM of this update is a note Paul wrote for YOU – and the rest of the world – that was smuggled out yesterday.

April 1, 2001 will be Paul’s SECOND YEAR locked up at Pilgrim, with only a few days off hear and there for a home visit.

Meanwhile, today, the legislative campaign is paying off… A staff person for a State Senator who is on the “mental health committee” on the legislature called and expressed concern. They have contacted Office of Mental Health requesting full information about the policy and use of forced shock within OMH. Another office had already called. KEEP IT UP!

Yesterday, Paul had written the following note and asked that it be transmitted far and wide. What he refers to has his “chemical menu” is an incredible list of psychiatric drugs he is being forced to take — He’s prescribed to daily take psychiatric drugs such as Mellaril, Navane Artane, Depakote, Tegretol and Klonopin — that’s every day – plus several other drugs “as needed.” We count a total of THIRTEEN potential psychiatric drugs Paul could be given, based on his prescription!


Pilgrim Psychiatric Center, West Brentwood, NY, USA

February 19, 2001

I, Paul Henry(i) Thomas, leader of the student strike of December 3, 1980 at Port au Prince, Haiti, need help from as many as possible in the world immediately. I need international lawyers as well as much financial support as possible. My intensive and arbitrary electroshocks and chemical menus must stop right now. I claim JUSTICE!

I am fluent in four languages: Haitian, Creole, French, English, Spanish.

(631) 435-9447
(631) 435-9448

The above was a letter from Paul, smuggled out yesterday.

This update provided to you by Support Coalition International.

For more background on the forced electroshock of Paul — including a photo of Paul and Pilgrim Psychiatric Center, plus a poem and another letter by Paul go to:


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