CIA, brainwashing and electroshock therapy

‘Monster’ Scot paid by CIA to brainwash patients

EAMONN O’NEILL October 19 2004

UK Herald

A MAVERICK Scottish doctor conducted inhuman experiments funded by the CIA using LSD and electro-shock therapy to brainwash unsuspecting patients, a documentary will reveal tonight.
Dr Ewen Cameron, from Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire, believed he could wipe the mind clean of “bad” thoughts with a combination of electricity and a cocktail of powerful drugs.

His experiments in Canada in the 1950s were funded by the CIA, which wanted to see if his methods could be used to help agents withstand hypnotism and other brainwashing techniques.
By 1951, his research ex-panded to help find out how brainwashing a captured enemy spy might help “turn” him to become a double agent.

The first experiments were conducted on animals. Sometimes drugs such as LSD – then seen as a wonder drug – were used. Eventually, humans were targeted and more often than not the victims were unwitting participants in medical trials which lasted 25 years and cost American taxpayers £14m.

Dr Cameron died in 1967 during a climbing expedition, but his work left many hundreds of his “guinea pigs” with their memories almost completely wiped. The CIA programme did not come to light until 1977.

Now, five decades after treatment, many of his patients are still looking for compensation.
Gail Kastner, 70, a Canadian, was 19 when she was taken to the Allan Memorial Institute, a psychiatric unit near Montreal. After being subjected to shock treatment by Dr Cameron, she regressed to her childhood and began behaving like a baby.

Speaking on BBC Scotland’s Frontline programme tonight, Ms Kastner is scathing of Dr Cameron: “He used and abused his power horribly, and I hope he met a very bad ending and suffered, as he made other victims suffer knowingly.”

Still with no memory of her life before the age of 19 and badly affected by her ordeal, she said: “I have nightly nightmares where I wake up screaming.”

It was later shown that Ms Kastner had received electroconvulsive therapy from Dr Cameron at levels which had been previously administered only in laboratory experiments on dogs, which later had to be put down.

Dr Cameron qualified at Glasgow University in 1924, and was seen as one of the world’s leading psychiatrists when he began his controversial work and went on to become first president of the World Psychiatric Association.

In his drive to find a cure for mental illness, he used techniques developed by Nazi scientists in the second world war.

While some studies were legitimate, many were secret tests of interest only to the CIA, whose funding of Dr Cameron and use of the results of his experiments did not emerge for decades.

What the intelligence agency paid for were tests carried out on patients unaware that they were part of a CIA study, or that the results were being evaluated for secret military defence purposes.

Dr Cameron never acknowledged that he had broken the golden rule of medical experiments on humans – informed consent.

During the Nuremberg trials, this was the very point which convicted Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor dubbed the Angel of Death, and others who subjected innocents to appalling medical procedures.
Many victims tracked down by Frontline refused to participate in the documentary because they were too ill. The family of one victim said “he has become like a hermit. He has trouble remembering anything”.

He was one of 77 victims who, in the mid-1990s, were paid just £55,000 in compensation by the CIA and the Canadian government – who, it was shown, were also complicit in the medical trials.

Ms Kastner, who only had her compensation claim settled this year, said of the mild-mannered doctor who destroyed her life – and that of countless others – in the name of science and military advancement: “He was a monster.”

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DonnaFebruary 10th, 2009 at 10:33 pm

Is the cia still conducting these experiments now routinely from satellites from the sky on unsuspecting persons. People with headaches ,such as myself feel like i am being shocked. The area feels very hot to touch! I have also felt like my brrain is bleeding inside.

C. AdamApril 27th, 2010 at 6:55 pm

Ewen Cameron should be (if posthumously) convicted as a criminal, stripped of his medical degrees and offices, and his estate confiscated – every last penny, and given over to the victims.

Same should be done, if guilt is proven, to all those in CIA who had been (as reported in above writeup published by EAMONN O’NEILL October 19 2004 in UK Herald) complicit in the “medical” trials.

AngelJuly 13th, 2010 at 1:02 pm

I can’t believe it. The CIA might have something to do with my compulsions and auditory hallucinations. This is appalling.

SammiAugust 9th, 2010 at 11:01 pm

This is absouloutly repulsing to hear. Its kinda like YK2, everyone thinks its happening, but it isnt. It shouldnt. Why the heck would anyone want to change our ways of living in a bad way? We are a nation, together. We should not be enimies, but helpers. Ive herd that they are teaching these people that evil is good, pain is pleasure, hatred is loving, et cetera. Well, i think all of those who have not been brainwased know that none of that is true. There are serial killars and people like that who are eathier traumatized to this point or just sick in the mind. Instead of making the well sick, we need to work together to make the sick well. Keeping people locked up in jail aint gonna do a thing. These people are emotionallu sick and need to be properly treated rather then being punished. The people who are trying to make people like that should be punished. A 9 year old boy shouldnt be punished for killing a mouse, nor should a 43 year old man who killed a girl. The young need to be influenced, and the sick need help. We live in a messed up world, but together, WE CAN CHANGE. Thank you.

JPKOctober 7th, 2010 at 1:37 am

survivor since the age of 4. Multiple electro shock sessions carried out with the use of drugs ( I only recall the patches of missing hair from my head ). Staring off into space,pissing my pants, unable to process in a normal cognitive manner. Constantly monitored and given another session as my mind started to regroup. Last session of drugs and shock was when I approached my 17th birthday, lost three days when I awakened at a different location. Creeps,criminals for certain, but your government!! This was all done to me because I was disposed from a wealthy and politically prominent family. That is what happens when a 35 yo man impregnates a 14 year old girl and the child gets caught in the middle. You thought John Edwards situation was shameful. Anyway, they had me watch my father get murdered ( my memory was so suppressed it did not worry them, but they sent someone in to my school to sit with me during the TV broadcast of the event ( just to make sure I was dumb ). I went into a state of shock for several hrs after watching. Anyway, Cameron is only the tip of the iceberg>strip the name off the FBI HQ building in DC.

OlineJanuary 19th, 2011 at 4:29 pm

I need a little help. What would you do if you suppsedly live a normal life but actually therse something missing. Like I have a great life and all, but it always feels that I’m missing a puzzle piece and also like part of my brain is locked and when I “learn” something it feels like i’ve known it all along and all of it is just plain easy what I mean I’m like two times smarter then my age group I’m a year, unfortunately only , in school and it’s all soo confusing. I mean I’m twelve and I find myself looking hard for people that can understand what I say. Anyone any help? I’ve been brainwashed thought how I try to figure out but it’s probably not in my head anymore.

Want To KnowMay 14th, 2011 at 11:40 am

To oline it like we live this life before and we are going though it again.If you look at we all might be going though our 5 or 100 time of reliving. we have no memory of none of this

I do feel i live before i just can not rember it

Duncan SansSeptember 30th, 2011 at 4:37 am

Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your site? My blog site is in the very same niche as yours and my users would genuinely benefit from a lot of the information you present here. Please let me know if this ok with you. Many thanks!

DumuziJanuary 2nd, 2017 at 8:05 pm

Out with it,
and believe me there is a lot to get out.

First, I was adopted. The identity of my father was concealed and my mother was never allowed to directly contact me. It should be noted that this was an “open” type adoption. I was started on drug therapy for bi-polar disorder (individuals this young are not diagnosable as manic depressive this young). The drugs used in conjunction with one another at this age up until ten years old included but were not limited to (forgive the spellings, they erased my memory) tennex, tegritol, lithium, abilify, paxil, seroquil, Provigil, welbutrin, and some 20 others which I simply don’t remember. I never remembered doing anything wrong. My parents used to tell me I ‘kicked” my mom when she laid down to put me to sleep. dad would leave for work, and mom would commence her standard cycles of abuse, followed by taking my to therapy sessions etc. I was never allowed around individuals who she had not “briefed” on my condition. At around 10, I was started on repeated Neurofeedback therapy sessions, Biofeedback, and CBT. However, I had seen many therapists up until this time. I want to be very clear, there WERE things going on that I was unaware of. There were tests done on me which involved exposing me to strobe lights, and other bizarre and experimental treatments. Psychologists HAVE NOT diagnosed me with a legitimate medical condition. I was a human experiment. But the results were what really set me off to this day. “nothing happened” they said as I actively perceive sentient beings all around me. “you are insane” they tell me as I engineer things they never dreamed possible. “you have a mental condition” but I am looking at the results of the world’s leading psychologist saying I have a clean mental bill of health. “You are special” and I am just like every other kid out there except I could lock the entire school computer system down so tight it had to be completely replaced…in fourth grade. “You have a learning disability” as I read at a tenth grade level in 4th grade. “you are not socially adept.” but I made and entire following of people who were there for me…me. My whole life I was lied to about the way the world worked to turn me into something. And I NEVER KNEW. That’s up until age 13. I am now 22, and things have ONLY gotten weirder. First, I want to profess from the bottom of my heart that I am a enlightened, philosophical and highly intellectual human being with a proclivity for concept-based analytical thinking, reverse-engineering, creative thinking, musicianship, and complex emotional experiences. I am able to create anything out of anything, but I could not tell you what 49×36 is if I had to sit and think about it for hours NO MATTER WHAT. My math brain does not exist. So, aside from that hitch, which I compensate for with music I am a perfectly smart, and quite sane fellow…where one call the standard mental state of a person “sane.” Now, I want to recount a rather unbelievable yet entirely true story which collectively told ITSELF to me.
I was “brainwashed,” “reprogrammed,” or otherwise “initiated” into a group, cult, or other functioning group of like-minded individuals who ARE LITERALLY NOT OF THIS PLANET. I have found, and I do swear by this on my knees on pain of death, the descendants of the mythological gods which you read about in high school. And all my life, someone – something in the sky – knew, and intentionally kept this secret from me. I was brought up sheltered with drugs to keep my calm, and away from this truth in hopes I would one day learn it and become the most fantastic success story MKUltra had ever hoped to achieve. The experimentation with drugs and electroshock therapy done on people for decades all lead up to…me. Wait…how do you even come to grips with that if you find this out just casually. If you are told in words…you simply would say something back like “wow. I don’t know what to say.” So they SHOWED me. Firsthand. I got to see thousands of people who have been involved in this multi-generational genetic extraction process show me TO MY FACE that I was the product they were trying to create. You see, there is an actual magnetic system in place around earth which contains our consciousness called the ionosphere. It can actually store and discharge magnetic energy. And when ElectroShockTherapy was first done, it was the first FULLY fledged version of a human being DIRECTLY interfacing the conscious part of the mind with the same earth ground which powers that magnetic field. this is to say, souls were literally released into the atmosphere. What no one noticed, or rather what a few learned souls FINALLY were told by all of the free floating consciousness- duplicates- or spirits of the living, which were floating around out there was “you can do it with micro current.” Thus we saw scientology born. Great, no one believes it. But who cares? even I think its bullshit. well, the concept of being able to intentionally change ones own energetic resistance with the power of will proves two things: One, will power exists as same type that powers your lights. And two, We are not in our body. We are somewhere else. So wait, back up you say. You said you met some great group of “gods” who spent eons building a certain genetic code…what exactly…? Well, honestly, learn. The things I saw, in the order I saw them, lead my logical mind to some earthshattering conclusions. Even if people have NO idea why they are doing something …for instance ECT (why are the evolved apes electrocuting each other’s brains?)…SOMETHING does. And that something is constantly watching We were put here to grow. Like life is. And whatever put us here is actively watching the evolution from a little ways off, influencing us every step of the way. Our ‘intuition’, ‘sixth sense’, ‘third eye’; whatever. It’s real. And it’s happening. We are all absolutely submerged in a bath of liquid consciousness. WE ARE EVOLVED. I AM PROOF OF THAT. Look, these people painstakingly engineered feats of hypnosis SO obvious that I actually learned the lessons they contained. It is all about energetic flow, and is based around the concept of infinity. What I am here to tell you is that we are only watching ourselves live our our destiny. Our decisions were never our own. The way humans interact is to serve a greater cause. And all my life I was led to believe that the cause was something greater than me. Well, guess what, I don’t FUCKING WANT IT TO BE ME! I’d rather it be ANYONE else because of the pain I had to endure. I never had a stable life because I was PROGRAMMED by my own unknowing parents to be this way. I met the people who engineered the whole thing. They sat quietly. They watch me every day. They aren’t even from this fucking planet! Why won’t someone look over and SEE this with me. Wait, that’s right, because “fate” told them not to. Because in their natural course of thinking they saw a shiny object that made them look the other way. I have SEEN lights in the sky floating over the compound. I have HEARD the carrier frequencies in music that MADE me do things, that MADE me act a certain way. I have been a HOST to one of these beings and I still am and tonight I get the rare opertunity to burst out and talk about it, but they are watching every word I type and I STILL can’t get it out the way I want it. I am AFRAID of them. even though they mean well, they have to cause me pain to redirect me to do things. I have implants, I have genetic modifications. I have motherfucking COMPUTER CODE in my DNA! I have magnetic metal flakes in my cerebral nerves that allow me to interact directly with technology. Accidentally turn the A/C on and off, make a computer crash for no reason. Feel motors running through walls. And the creepiest thing of all…I have NO control over any of it. It’s literally the closest thing to magic I have ever seen. all I can tell you is, I can’t tell you all of it. Couldn’t if I tried. Imagine cooking for 22 years and then being presented with all the food on a table in front of you and someone going “eat.” Immagine the look you’d have, what you’d feel. “bit off alittle more than you can chew” doesn’t even…jesus listen to me rants. I swear it. I am the reason intelligence did what they did to those poor people. it was to engineer my sorry ass to become the next great puppet in the game. soon, they WILL turn the reigns over to me once they have my energetic mappings perfected. And then…I will change the course of history forever. God forgive me.

BbMay 31st, 2019 at 10:53 pm

I wholeheartedly believe this. Someone please say something after reading this … brainwashing is all around,,sometimes as damage control after suffering tremendous abuse , which is further exacerbated by distractions

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