Electroshock Quotationary – now online! By Leonard Roy Frank

Note: The Electroshock Quotationary is the ONLY place you can read my article “March of the Damned.” It’s a Quotationary EXCLUSIVE!

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by John Breeding, PhD
In the 1990s update to his terrific book, Electroshock: The Case Against, which offers summaries of activist resistance to electroshock over the last four decades of the 20th century, Robert Morgan offered the following acknowledgment of Leonard Frank.

His written work on ECT and advocacy against it have straddled the decades covered in this book. Initially disabled by ECT, Leonard devised some particularly ingenious organizational and memory techniques to overcome his resultant learning disabilities. He has devoted his life to addressing and correcting abuses of the psychiatric system, particularly ECT. Although he has been a strong and effective figure in this history over the decades, it is particularly now that he has emerged as a key figure. A tough, gentle, articulate and consummately effective organizer, he has probably done more to advance survivors’ rights than anyone else. A former editor of the Madness Network News (survivors journal) and current primary leader of the opposition, both scientist/professional and survivor, he has been the role model and integrity for a very diverse coalition of independent individuals. Thanks to Leonard, a very well financed and credentialed initiative was defeated, at least in San Francisco, at least for now.

Leonard Frank has been strong, effective, gentle and tough with me over the last decade as he became a primary mentor and very close friend. He is best described, however, by the dynamics of love and truth. More than anyone, he has helped me to become more clear about language and the patterns of psychiatric oppression. When the idea to form the Coalition for the Abolition of Electroshock in Texas came into my head last summer, Leonard nurtured the idea with enthusiastic support, and helped us be clear about our Gandhian approach of active, transparent, nonviolent resistance. As we organized ourselves into existence this past fall, Leonard stepped up and has been an integral voice of wisdom, guidance and encouragement. I am grateful to be working shoulder to shoulder with this awesome man, in his fifth decade of activism against psychiatric oppression in general, and electroshock in particular.

The Electroshock Quotationary is the single best document available to learn about the reality of this horrific practice.

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Founding Canadians’ SovereigntyAugust 9th, 2007 at 4:01 am

[...] conduct. Courage is the seed out of which all the other virtues grow.” Leonard Roy Frank, Electroshock Quotationary, a free .pdf download and 14 books at [...]

Ingrid kepler-MaySeptember 13th, 2008 at 10:10 pm


By far the most moving account and record of this incredibly cruel, horrible practice – needs to be read by all shock doctors and expecially possible “consumers”.

Thank you, Leonard, for this valuable contribution to educate the public.

PS Can you come to Berkeley for lunch at 1 pm on Tuesday?
do call (510 526-29001 Jeff would love to see you as well; he is visiting here till 9/24.

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