Doc who strangled nanny is locked up; he’d had ECT

Oct 7 2005

By James Glover, Liverpool Echo

MEDICAL chiefs were never warned that killer doctor Abdalla Eltom was suffering mental problems.

The Sudanese surgeon was yesterday locked up indefinitely after he admitted killing his children’s nanny at the family home in Park View, Thornton.

Liverpool crown court heard the 52-year-old surgeon strangled 48- year- old Premawatnie Dolamullage with a necktie after he stopped taking medication for a mental disorder.

Father- of- three Eltom worked in the casualty department of Ormskirk general hospital, but gave up his job suffering from severe depression after he sent home a patient in April 2002 who later died.

But the General Medical Council (GMC), the body which licences doctors and surgeons to practise in Britain, would not necessarily have been notified of this and would not have known that Eltom was taking medication and was not mentally stable.

A GMC spokesman said: “We were never made aware of any concerns over the doctor.”

Eltom came to believe he had contracted HIV and that his food was inedible and dirty and he was put on anti-depressants.

After receiving electroconvulsive therapy his condition appeared to improve and he stopped taking his medication in January.

But on January 25 he snapped, murdered his nanny in the sitting room of his home and then walked into Crosby police station to announce: ” I ‘ ve killed someone – I’ve strangled her.”

It was more than a week after the killing when police were finally able to name Eltom’s victim because they could not find a relative who could confirm her identity.

Miss Dolamullage did not have any relatives in this country so police had to contact the authorities in Sri Lanka, who were still struggling to cope with the aftermath of the tsunami disaster, to try to find a family member who could identify the nanny.

Eltom was charged with murder, but admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Ahmed Nadim, defending, told the court: “This is a tragedy for the victim, her family, for the defendant’s family and for the defendant.”

Judge Mr Justice Royce sentenced Eltom to an indefinite hospital order.

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TomasJanuary 25th, 2007 at 4:36 am

Snapped after quitting antidepressants. We see it time and time again: the drugs provoke violence.

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