Eli Lilly, the big bully

As many of you know, a few years ago I battled Tenet Healthcare Corporation in the case of Kathleen Garrett, an elderly woman who was being forcibly shocked at a St. Louis Tenet-owned hospital. They tried to threaten and bully me into silence with threats of lawsuits, etc. I now keep track of Tenet’s bad behavior (and it’s really quite bad) on this website.

It seems that Eli Lilly is using the same tactics, what are called SLAP lawsuits, in their effort to shut activists up about the dangers of the drug Zyprexa. But they’ve actually filed lawsuits against Mindfreedom.org and a number of activists.

Read all about it and spread the word! Find out what Eli Lilly doesn’t want you to know.


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louis kayserJanuary 17th, 2008 at 11:27 am

they can try to shut up activists but i doubt if it will work, mental health, psychiatry, and mental health drug therapy are only based on unproven theories. its also a country of freedom of speech, and everyone is entitled to their opinion. no matter how lousy, phony and rotten our courts and government is, they are stuck with this principle. in my opinion neither our government or the psy.drug companies know a dam thing about mental health or even care. these eneties are taking full advantage of their money schemes as they npush their junk science.

jones, janiceJanuary 12th, 2009 at 7:57 am

it seems that tenet is filled with bullies

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