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Two more blogs you should check out. Go now – these guys may be rogues in their fields. Somehow I’m picturing Jack Sparrow right now, and you can’t beat a mental picture of that!

First up, The Last Psychiatrist. He doesn’t name himself, but does say he’s an academic who specializes in forensics. Hmm. He doesn’t seem to be the “typical” psychiatrist and says things like this:

Psychiatry is politics, it is politics in the way that running for office is politics. It is not a science, it is not even close to science, it is much closer to politics.

No wonder he doesn’t seem to use him name. That kind of statement isn’t likely to earn him new friends in psychiatry. It’s SCIENCE DAMMIT! And if you say anything to the contrary, then you’re…..a SCIENTOLOGIST! (Or if you’re in the ECT Boys’ Club, you’ll drag a label out of the DSM Scrabble bag and fling that instead.)

So check out Dr. Jack Sparrow, The Last Psychiatrist. He’s got a touch of sardonicism, and I’m always a sucker for that.

Next up, Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry, A Closer Look. Start with this article on biased research and then keep reading. He’s got a number of hot buttons and they’re all dandies.

These are two high quality, interesting blogs and if you start reading, I think you’ll have a hard time getting out of your computer chair. I’m not responsible for eye strain.

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