Professor sues Christian Hageseth

BRIEF: Prof. sues doctor after son’s 2005 suicide
December 5, 2007
By Andrew Valencia

Stanford Daily

San Mateo County, Calif. — Structural biology Prof. David McKay has filed a lawsuit against a Colorado doctor who illegally prescribed Prozac to the professor’s son, John McKay ‘08, prior to his suicide. In the summer of 2005, Dr. Christian Hageseth III prescribed the medication to John McKay via an online pharmacy called At the time, Hageseth did not have a valid medical license to prescribe medication, and McKay committed suicide two months later on Aug. 2, 2005. The medication was found in his system along with alcohol.

Prof. McKay has filed the suit against Hageseth in San Mateo County court, where Hageseth has been extradited to face criminal charges for practicing medicine without a license.

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