You may contact meĀ  by sending an email. The email address above is a graphic and not clickable, so you will need to type my email address into your email software.

If you’ve been using my old email address of juli at this domain, note that I’ve phased it out, due to spam.

It would be helpful if you could give a subject line (either in email or the form below) that suggests what your email is about. Unfortunately, I get a ton of spam, and my spam catcher tends to consider emails with subject lines such as “Hello” (or worse, “No subject”) as spam and send it into the bin. While I do try and go through my spam list, I may miss your email.

If you’ve emailed me about something critical (such as a forced shock) and haven’t heard back from me in a day, email me again. Perhaps the email got caught in the spam trap and was deleted by mistake.

I generally travel with a laptop, but occasionally I do a total vacation with no computer and am unreachable. Please note that I am ONE PERSON.

If you have a true emergency (forced shock), and haven’t heard from me within a day, go to the Mind Freedom site (link in the right menu), find David Oaks’ email address and contact him.

Media: Please put Media Request in your subject line, and also see the Media Kit (link at right). It’s bare bones now, but hopefully one day…

Contact form removed because spammers are constantly trying to defeat it and I’m tired of constantly having to update it.

I have closed comments for this page and moved them here. People were having discussions that have nothing to do with the information, and it got too cluttered.

Discussions are fine with me, but you might find better ECT discussion on the message boards at

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