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Escape from Psychiatry
by Clover

Clover has gone through solitary confinement, restraints, psychiatric drugging, and forced electroshock, over and over...Clover's experiences, and her magnificent recovery, would make a stirring film, with elements of drama, triumph, spirituality, romance and love. By the end, I was in tears, as all the pieces of her amazing life came together. Clover's story must be told

Case Studies in Schizophrenia : Based on the Readings of Ed
by David, M.A. McMillin

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Holistic approaches based on the writings of Edgar Cayce

Medicating Schizophrenia : A History
by Sheldon Gelman

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Sometimes it takes someone outside the field to view it objectively. Gelman, a thorough and well-informed lawyer, has a perspective on psychiatric history that will take decades for psychiatry to get. Psychiatry once had a "vision" of specific antischizophrenic treatments with trivial side effects. Gelman traces the precise unraveling of that vision, and the waffling reactions of prominent leaders in the field. Like a lawyer placing psychiatrists on trial, Gelman catches them in all their prevarications and inconsistencies, then adds thought provoking reflections of his own.

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