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When Nothing Matters Anymore: A Survival Guide for Depressed Teens
by Bev Cobain, Elizabeth Verdick (Editor), Jeff Tolbert (Illustrator)

List Price: $13.95
Price: $11.16
You Save: $2.79 (20%)
A guide to understanding and coping with depression, discussing the different types, how and why the condition begins, how it may be linked to substance abuse or suicide, and how to get help.

The Freedom from Depression Workbook
by Frank, Minirth, Les, Carter

List Price: $15.99
Price: $11.19
You Save: $4.80 (30%)
Don't give in to depression! It's an unfortunate but unavoidable fact: Depression will seriously afflict one in four of us at some point in our lives. Perhaps equally unfortunate are our misconceptions about depression and its causes. Depression doesn't always mean an overwhelming sense of gloom; it can also be the underlying cause of various feelings. The good news is that depression can be managed. In The Freedom From Depression Workbook, Les Carter, Ph.D., and Frank Minirth, M.D., introduce a 12-part interactive program that helps you with this problem.

Undoing Depression : What Therapy Doesn't Teach You and Medication Can't Give You
by Richard O'Connor

List Price: $14.00
Our Price: $11.20
You Save: $2.80 (20%)
In this book, psychotherapist Richard O'Conner shows us how to "undo" depression, by replacing depressive patterns of thinking, relating, and behaving with a new and more effective set of skills. With a truly holistic approach that synthesizes the best of the many schools of thought about this painful disease, O'Conner offers new hope--and new life--for depressives.

Life Makeovers
by Cheryl Richardson

List Price: $21.05
Our Price: $15.37
You Save: $6.58 (30%)
What do you need to change to make your life work better and make you happier? Top-level personal coach Cheryl Richardson, author of the popular Take Time for Your Life, shows you how to make your life over, one week at a time, using her philosophy of "extreme self-care." The result: you'll reevaluate your life and connect to what matters most to you, improving the quality of your life.

20-Minute Retreats : ReviveYour Spirit in Just Minutes a Day With Simple Self-Led Practices
by Rachel Harris

List Price: $15.00
Our Price: $10.50
You Save: $4.50 (30%)
What can you accomplish in a few minutes? Eat a meal, fold laundry, talk on the phone--or refresh your spirit. Just 20 minutes a day is all it takes to retreat in tranquility and reconnect with your soul, according to Dr. Rachel Harris, a practicing psychotherapist and associate of Big Sur's (often celebrity-studded) Esalen Institute. "In our fast-paced lives, we desperately need retreats to regain our perspective, help us balance our inner and outer lives--a retreat gives us a chance to just say no to incessant stress and time pressure...." she writes.

Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem
by Marilyn J. Sorenson

List Price: $19.95
"This is a book whose essence should be taught in every grammar school. We need to empower ourselves and each other. Our internal beliefs can be altered and we need to become aware of that. Then we can begin to build a foundation of self-worth. This is the best handbook to aid in the architecture of self-esteem."

The Depression Workbook 2 Ed: A Guide for Living with Depression and Manic Depression

List Price: $19.95
Price: $13.97
You Save: $5.98 (30%)

About this book:
It may be difficult for those suffering from depression to add a little work into their day; simply getting out of bed can seem like plenty of work. But if you are newly diagnosed or experiencing moderate problems with depression or bipolar disorder, The Depression Workbook might be a literal lifesaver.

The first section is especially useful to new patients just learning to navigate the signs, treatments, and vocabulary of depression. Clearly written overviews of specific symptoms are coupled with space for you to write in your own thoughts on treatment, prognosis, and your ultimate goals. Checklists and daily planners help to identify both areas of difficulty and positive experiences; later in the book, you'll find charts for tracking medications, diet, and doctor visits.

A full section is devoted to the establishment and maintenance of a support group. Ideas range from open discussions with family members to seeking out volunteer work, and it's this section that may be the trickiest for the depressed to work through. Finding the strength to make new friends may seem impossible at first, but author Mary Ellen Copeland spreads plenty of warmth, encouragement, and personal experience among her directives.

Healing the Trauma of Abuse: A Woman's Workbook

List Price: $22.95
Price: $16.07
You Save: $6.88 (30%)

About this book:
This workbook offers women who have suffered sexual, physical, or emotional abuse crucial skills for coping, self-understanding, and self-care. The book is designed to be worked through from beginning to end, with self-evaluation questionnaires, writing exercises, and a variety of activities and relaxation techniques throughout. Also included are questions to ask a doctor, a personal crisis plan, and a comprehensive list of resources.

Living Without Depression and Manic Depression: A Workbook for Maintaining Mood Stability

List Price: $19.95
Price: $13.97
You Save: $5.98 (30%)

About this book:
More than 11 million people suffer from depression in the U.S. each year. Now, this guidebook presents new ways to cope with depression and hold it at bay. Based on a study of patients diagnosed with major depression or manic-depression who have avoided serious recurrences for over two years, this guide offers proven techniques for staying well.

The Loneliness Workbook: A Guide to Developing and Maintaining Lasting Connections

List Price: $14.95
Price: $10.47
You Save: $4.48 (30%)

About this book:
Mary Ellen Copeland applies the hands-on format that helped thousands overcome depression using her Depression Workbook to one of today's most pervasive problems: loneliness. Taking seniors, singles, and others through the steps necessary to relieve loneliness in the short run, the book also helps map out long-range goals for developing better relationship skills, reaching out for support, joining community activities, and fostering intimate relationships.

The Winning Against Relapse Program

List Price: $11.95
Price: $9.56
You Save: $2.39 (20%)

About this book:
Mary Ellen Copeland's battle with manic depression, fibromyalgia, and chronic myofascial pain syndrome sent her on a search for ways to manage these conditions. In this audio version of her book, she teaches listeners how to manage symptoms in a way that reduces, modifies, or eliminates the possibility of relapse.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan

List Price: $10.00

About this book:
Learning self help skills for dealing with physical and emotional symptoms can be simple...but it's a much greater challenge using self help methods during the most difficult times-when they can help the most-and incorporating them into daily life.

This book presents a system developed and used successfully by people with a variety of physical and emotional symptoms. It has helped them use self care skills more easily to monitor their symptoms, decrease the severity and frequency of symptoms, and improve the quality of their lives.

Recovering from Depression: A Workbook for Teens

List Price: $22.95
Price: $16.07
You Save: $6.88 (30%)

About this book:
Interactive workbook, for teens, explores ways to deal with suicidal thoughts, change negative behaviors, reach out to friends and family, reduce stress, avoid substance abuse, solve problems, recognize triggers of depression, and focus on dreams and goals. Includes tips, brain-storming activities, checklists, and more. Softcover.

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