"The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up."
    --Mark Twain

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Let's Talk! If you would like to discuss ECT (or any other mental health issues), head to the message boards. The old forum (from Casual Forums) has been archived now, and the entire board is searchable. There have been quite a few engaging discussions about the issues, and we're hoping to get that started up again after some downtime. You don't have to register in order to post (although you can, and there are a couple of features if you do register), and you may post using a fake name if that is more comfortable for you.

So....get talking!


I started this guestbook to keep updates going about the Kathleen Garrett story, and it just keeps on going. Feel free to post if you like. I don't log IP addresses, so you can stay anonymous.

Live chat

Have you visited the chat room yet? Find others to talk with. I'll be hosting chat sessions, coming soon. If you would like to be notified of upcoming chats from ect.org, sign up to be notified of updates.

The Survey Says...

Feel free to vote on the following issues, but choose the correct category. If you *haven't* had ECT, please do not vote for someone who did unless that person has given you permission and is unable to vote him/herself. Thank you.

For those who have had ECT

Did ECT work for you?

No, it did not work.

It worked briefly, but the depression returned (within 8 weeks)

It worked for awhile, but my depression returned (within 6 months)

Yes! ECT saved my life!

Did ECT result in memory loss for you?

Yes, it wiped out significant periods of my life!!!

Yes, I lost some memory.

I had very little memory loss, mostly around the time of my treatments.

I had no memory loss at all.

For those who have not personally had ECT

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