Welcome to our little website, where you can read the story of how we became best friends, and where you can watch our friendship grow.

The webcam - on that page, you can click and have a remote window, as well as a page with the previous ten pics. The cam will only be turned on when someone is in the window or on their new tower. (You can also click the cam picture in the corner above.)

We are Dmitri and Jack. Dmitri was born in 1990 and is a senior boy with arthritis. He was raised partly by a wonderful dog named Sharik. Sharik has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge, but her loving guidance remains with Dmitri today.

Jack moved from Seattle to live with Dmitri, arriving February 7, 2002. His owner was very ill and made the heartbreaking decision to find Jack a new home. I decided that I would adopt Jack and give him a new, forever home, provided we could find a way to move him from Seattle to St. Louis.

Cat lovers on the cat health newsgroup were touched by the story, and immediately began to email me with offers of financial help. My dear friend Megan coordinated that end and immediately went to work to find a suitable means of transportation. Jack was fostered by a wonderful friend named Beth, until he could move out here - I had a meeting scheduled out east and didn't want to leave the boys until they'd had time to get to know one another, and Jack had plenty of time to settle in.

People from around the world immediately and generously donated to The Jack Fund at the transport company to move Jack cross country via the pet bus at Pro Pet Transports. His move became an Internet project, with friends of Jack watching and waiting for his arrival.

It didn't take long until Jack followed Dmitri around, delighted to have an older brother. Today, Jack and Dmitri are truly best friends and play like two kittens. They romp and wrestle for awhile, chase each other, then lick one another's heads. Then they curl up on the bed and sleep.

You can see a little picture diary of the arrival and introduction process, as well as pictures of the new brothers at our picture gallery. (Choose Jack and Dmitri's big adventure)

Read the full story of Jack via the newsgroup postings. (Thank you*** to the wonderful person who put this all together!)

If you're at a loss over a gift for someone, please consider donating in your recipient's name to Best Friends, a rescue group based in Utah. There are many other rescue groups for dogs and cats without homes, and they need your help too.

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