The guestbook is now closed, thanks to spammers. This is what is left of the guestbook after hackers broke in and hijacked the guestbook, leaving pro-Tenet messages. I have no problem with people who support Tenet, but why not do it openly by posting on the message boards? You can use a fake name. I've reprinted the messages that were backed up (my fault for not being more diligent about backups) because they contain a number of messages about my friend Tenet Healthcare Corp. Spammers and hackers are so lame.

heather mcCoy | @
hello, i do not know how this works,
TO ANYONE WHO HAS been where i am now with this please help me get started on finding out about the lawsuit against 'NME' . I WAS A PATIENT AND AM CURRENTLY STILL A VICTIM ON THIS MATTER.
08 April 2002 - COPPEROPOLIS, CA.

lilly b.
I just want to thank you so much for this site. I am a college student and a former ECT patient and am writing a research paper on ECT. This site is where I have gotten 90% of my information, and it has been extremely helpful and informative. Thanks for being out there and doing this!
10 February 2002 - los angeles

Daisi | @
Tenet doesn't only do an injustice to psychiatric patients, they also do a large volume of business here in Dallas, specifically at Doctors Hospital working with the elderly. My other than being dehydrated 95 year old murder was summarily treated with total disregard, doctor's orders not strictly followed (4 hours to hook up an IV because of a shortage of infusion pumps), 3+ hours in her own feces because the floor had not ordered diapers, on and on it went for the last 26 hours of her precious life -- when she coded, they informed me that they had worked with her for 20-30 minutes, when in fact their own records show only 3 minutes (guess that's all 95 is worth) and then did not even follow her own doctor's orders for code procedures. I feel like they did nothing more than kill her -- although the law will tell me that 95 isn't worth anything -- TENET should be SHUT DOWN before they do more harm.
04 January 2002 - Dallas, TX

I found this appalling and incredibly worrying that people can be forced to recieve ECT when it's obvious they don't want to. I think the doctors are given too much power and something should be done about it.
10 December 2001 - UK

David Lee McKeever
As a person who has been hospitalized for depression, I find this situation to be outrageous and almost beyond belief- although I most definitely believe.

The actions of that hospital are disgusting and inhumane. I, for one, am going to being EMailing my Maryland State representative about this injustice and try to put a stop to it.

God bless,
David McKeever
04 December 2001 - USA

Cal Warriner | @
90 heart surgery patients have sued Tenet hospital in Florida

All suffered bad infection. Any word on similar suits, allegations?
23 November 2001 - USA

heather mccoy | @
i was a patient in a hospital of NME, m.p.c. in modesto california,

i need to talk to someone who can relate what was done behind those walls.. please e mail me..
06 November 2001 - USA

Rosemary | @
My sister has had quite a few ects from what she has told me.
I think the amount may be more than normal if not excessive.
I fear that she will end up completely brain damage at some

I also would like to know what way to find out what the standards even for ects are.

From what she has said at one point they wee doing ects almost everyday.
Please help
11 October 2001 - US

Harold A. Maio | @
Forced treatment is an oxymoron, is actually a form of torture in which a person has no say over what happens to their body.Although there are surgeries that , looked at close-up by novices, may resemble torture, the person knows what is happening and has consented to what is happening.In the absence of consent, it would be torture.
14 September 2001

Eve Remba
Let's keep up the good fight for Kathleen Garrett and all others faced with involuntary shock 'treatment.'
12 September 2001 - US

L Webb
I am beginning to understand more about why my mum doesn't like us talking about the good things we remember from our childhood. She has lost those memories herself because of ect.
30 August 2001 - UK

Hello from Poplar Bluff, MO. Excellent local grass roots (the real kind) brewing here against Tenet. Unbelievable fact: Former local hospital(s) CEO Brian Flynn, now working for UHS in Manatee, Fla, was fired by Tenet some fourteen months ago for unacceptable behavior. What constitutes unacceptable behavior to these reptiles? I swear this is true. Though married and steadily cheating with his COO Sheri Collier, Flynn attempted to pick up a young woman in a local bar who refused his advances, so he went into the men's room, masturbated into his hand and came back out to publicly smear his mess on her face and hair. Even Barbakow finds some behavior objectionable. And in Florida, Flynn claims that Sheri is his wife, which may be true by now, but that would be out of character.
20 August 2001 - Missouri

Warren Schrempp | @
Ive been following developments on Tenet and the Canadian governments lawsuit against it, . I hope Tenet goes bankrupt-its just too bad they cant put them in prison
16 August 2001 - USA

Juli | url
Another Tenet-owned hospital - SouthPointe - is forcibly shocking Betty Suggs, 66, of St. Louis.

See the URL above for more info and how you can help.

She's had four shocks so far, and is scheduled for eight more!
15 August 2001 - USA

Glad to find your website! Keep it up! I support abolishing for-profit companies out of healthcare. As a former Tenet employee, I know a lot about their violations even after the huge case settlement. I am just looking for the right DOJ official to talk to.
10 August 2001 - USA
Loraine M. Panger | @
Do you know of any class action law suits against Tenet and any of it's former employees and their inability to get their money out of their 401 K.
08 August 2001 - USA

'Psychiatry is to medicine, what astrology is to astronomy.'

Good luck Kathleen and what a great Son you have. I would bet that he isn't a card carrying member of NAMI. They are probably the most dangerous and deceptive org. out there!
11 February 2001 - USA

Russell Hallberg | @ | url
Dear Juli:

We've been in touch before. I'm collecting information on physician fees for ECT. It looks like the docs are making about $1000/hour for ect 'treatments'. Any substantion? This is for SCI
02 February 2001 - USA

Arleen M. Sewall | @
My heart is aching for Kathleen and her loved ones! I am ashamed to be a psychiatric nurse. In 24 yrs. of practice, I have never heard such a horror story.
30 January 2001 - USA

Adrienne | @
Thankyou for making this site. I had ECT nearly 2 years ago after the death of my baby son to SIDS. I have found it difficult to get any kind of truth about what happened to me by anyone. I am only now learning what ECT really is. I am so glad I only lost my memory after ECT and not before, if it had have been before that would have been all of my sons life.
24 January 2001 - Australia

Brian McKinnon | @
Take care Kathleen, and remember next time you feel lonely that there are lots of us out there who really care about you and hope that you are recovering from the trauma that you experienced at the hands of your would-be helpers. All the best your son Steve as well. Good luck with the suit. Brian
22 January 2001 - Canada

Christine | @ | url
My grandmother was victimized by psychiatry. She not only was abused via shock treatments, but through psychosurgery as well. I am documenting her story and have obtained all records on her that I was allowed to access from Pilgrim Psychiatric Hospital in Brentwood, NY. They kept twenty years of detailed menstrual cycle records on her, but there is not one document that talks about HER as a human being. I am writing a book on the whole repulsive story, and I want to hear from anyone out there who has had their life, or the life of a loved one, effected by psychosurgery. I would be particularly thrilled to hear from anyone who worked at Pilgrim State itself.
For details please visit

Bravo on a great site. Let's keep up the fight!
19 January 2001 - USA

Genevieve Clahsen | @ | url
I believe that I have just read one of the most distressing stories in my life...

It is appalling what has happened and what continues to happen to people that merely suffer depression or a mental illness, What are we still living in the 1900's or something.?!?

I feel very much for this lady and everyone else that has had to endure such a rip off by the health care system.

It is time to stand up and make no one hear you except the people who can change these ill-informed, out-dated practices. Your government.

Surely being in America you realise how much better depression and mental illness is accepted and the lack of social stigma that surrounds it in America surely can help you in your progress to an ECT free world.????

Take action and start from the top subject people, (famous people, government figures etc) to the same treatment that this ladies son must of endured.

Make them feel what it is like to be shocked and tell them all of the gruesome stories and facts about ECT as you can find.

Thanks for reading and listening

17 January 2001 - Australia

Juli | @ | url
Update on Kathleen:

She's doing GREAT! She has found a decent, compassionate therapist who spends time every week TALKING to her. He's doing wonders, and so is she.

On New Year's Eve, she went out with a group of friends and celebrated New Years!!!

It's amazing what a dose of compassion and kindness can do. Peter Breggin has that right.

14 January 2001 - St. Louis

Great information and great site! Tenet Corp represents what's wrong with America!
They should be put out of business and the directors forced to endure the same treatment they've dished out. I hope Mrs. Garrett is doing better. Thank you for your great work on behalf of the victims of this kind of treachery!
14 January 2001 - USA

HI,take care be well.Carry on fighting,this sort of thing makes me so angry.Iknow it,s wrong to be angry but if I saw your doctor in the street then I would publically humiliate him and teach all about being humane and the whole humanitarian thing.kit and kaboodle.I wont fry his brain but I would use a electro stun gun on his balls.OK sorry for my harsh words.Greg
14 January 2001 - Taiwan

Peter Blankenheim | @ | url
Wow, this is an exciting site. I wish I had access to this kind of material in the early days of my brush with psychiatry.
27 December 2000 - USA

Lyall Winlaw | @
Drs play God all the time and I think we have to challenge them. The big difference with many psychiatrists I have met, they are delusional enough they really think the are God!
23 December 2000 - Canada

Patricia Hayes | @
I am trying to obtain a copy of a document that Tenet filed in bankruptcy court in Pittsburgh in connection with the AHERF bankruptcy. Supposedly, this document contains a list of medical malpractices committed at Medical College of Pennsylvania. I need this document ASAP. Any ideas?
22 December 2000 - USA
Dana Haley | @


I am currently engaged in a lawsuit against NME. I have yet to see the inside of a courtroom but hope that it will come soon. My story is quite similar to
others I have heard. I was 22 a Junior in College when I went to them for help. I was unaware my parents were carrying a million dollar insurance policy on me.
I was 25 when I left the hospital. Restraints, drugs, I still have nightmares about them.
07 December 2000 - USA

Kevin | @
I am outraged when I hear of stories like this one. I had 9 ECT treatments in 1997. At the time, I was severly depressed. I am Bi-Polar. My physician at that time was trying many medications out to find what worked on me. Nothing was working. He told me that ECT's would 'make the medications work better'
I was so depressed, I believed him...and didn't even look into the possible consiquences of ECT's. Now, I have problems with memory, concentration and reading comprehension. I lost my job (Computer Consultant) of 18 years with one of the largest University Medical Centers in Michigan due to the inablility to perform my duties after the ECT's. I have lost my house, my $40,000 a year job and am now a janitor making $11.00 per hour. What they are doing to people and how they are doing it is wrong. My prayers go out to you and everyone affected by ECT's.

01 December 2000 - USA

SJ Fallon
Dear Juli:

I am currently engaged in prosecuting what will prove the largest lawsuit ever, against Tenet Healthcare, two other medical business entities, and no fewer than 14 physicians. The gravamen of the suit is intentional homicide, pervasive Elder Abuse (CA W & I Code 15,600, et seq.), fraud, civil conspiracy, both intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress, falsification of medical records, medical negligence, unlawful concealment, deceptive acts directed against an Elder, unlawful use of physical and chemical restraints, promoting, for profit, a fraudulent cancer diagnosis, repeated violations of the Controlled Substances Act, attempted murder, assault, neglect, abuse, harassment, threats---every allegation fully documented, the list goes on and on. At last count, we had itemized something on the order of 700-800 separate instances of conscious wrongdoing. Shocking though this may be, perhaps the more remarkable thing is that all these wrongs were perpetrated against ONE person. That 'person' was---it's so hard to refer to someone who meant the world to you in the past tense--my now deceased Mother. She put up, I think, I fight for her life with such passion and courage as to inspire the planet.

Just yesterday, one of our attorneys called to say that 'Tenet' is demanding to be released from the lawsuit and threatening to seek sanctions against us should we not toe the mark. Our response? To paraphrase, so as not to violate attorney/client privilege, 'Listen . . . we're on the verge of proving Tenet responsible for far more than anyone thought . . . we already have them on plenty . . . I say, go for their throats and let me hear you roar!'

I was excited to find your web-site and shall be passing along the information gleened to our attorneys. I'm sure they will find some use for it. If there is anyone out there in the world who can supply us with more information as to following doctors and legal entities, we would be greatly appreciative of receiving it.

We will never stop . . . we will not rest . . . we will keep coming and coming at them until we leave in our wake the smoking ruin once called 'Tenet!'

Forward all information regarding the below doctors and legal entities to: - -

Tenet Healthcare Corporation
Tenet Healthsystem Heritage, Inc.
Sharp Healthcare
Sharp Healthcare Murrieta
Sharp Healthcare Foundatiom
San Diego Hospital Association
Sharp Temecula Valley, a California Nonprofit Public Benefit (yeah, right) Corporation
Sharp Rees-Steel Corporation
Sharp Mission Park Corporation
Sharp Properties, Inc
Sharp Health Plan
Palomar Pomerado Hospital District
Palomar Pomerado Home Care
Brian F. Sweeney, M.D.-gastroenterology (after service in this CA suit, now practicing in Alaska)
Timothy J. Killeen, M.D.-pulmonology and critical care
Bruce Hayton, M.D.-oncology
Michael Kosmo, M.D.-oncology
Richard Just, M.D.-oncology
Kishore Sehgal, M.D.-oncology
Terrence Aragoni, M.D.-surgery
Thomas Branningan, M.D.-radiology
Delmer Henninger, Jr., M.D.-pulmonolgy
Munif Alsalek, M.D.-pulmonology
Douglas Todd, M.D.-emergency medicine
Chester Dale Moody, M.D.-emergency medicine
Perry Jensen, M.D.-pathology
Paul Niu-nephrology
with your feelings against having that treatment. If I had known then what I know now, I NEVER would have consented to it. Good luck to you, and God Bless.

05 December 2001 - USA

Juli...this is a DANGEROUS corporation you're fucking with.
They will stop at nothing to silence you.

They've obviously killed at least one person to silence him from testifying against them. Watch your back, and expect them to start a smear campaign. The first thing that comes to mind is to paint you as a deranged mental patient. I know this probably sounds over the top, but please don't go into any dark alleys.

Protect yourself. Good luck.


29 September 2000 - USA

Don Harden | @
Juli and Kathlene and Steve,

Thank you all for the courage you example for all Americans. Do not give up the fight you have been dragged into. Every profession in the world has an up-side and a down-side, Joseph Stalin and George Washington, reversed respectively; and it is appearent that you are confronting evilness of the most insidious kind. The Medico-Legal Complex is today our most to be feared enemy of everything civilized. Adolf Hitler could not have recruited people to have promoted his cause than the kind of people you are dealing and struggling against.

Keep us all informed. The good people of our country need to learn what you are faced with now.

Don Harden

28 September 2000 - USA

Martin, I'm very interested in reading your stories....they're frightening, but people need to know these things.

I visited a Charter hospital myself, and have always steered people away from those when I could. Mine was a classic from the 'How To Milk an Insurance Company' manual. They kept me, even though I wasn't getting any 'treatment,' just lots of sitting around watching TV. When I complained and said I wanted out because it was a waste of money and time, they said I was just too darned sick. LOL. Of course. Then one morning I had a MIRACLE CURE! (aka, my insurance ran out) It's a shame that this kind of scam has gone on for so long, and it's the people of America who pay - in higher insurance premiums, and for those held without any care - in emotional trauma.

It's not only an American tragedy - it's plain shameful. Every American ought to be plain embarrassed that this kind of thing goes on. I know I am. This sure isn't the America I learned about in grade school. :(

27 September 2000

Juli | @ | url
First, some good news! Kathleen has a new doctor and will see him tomorrow for the first time. I spoke with a psychiatrist today who was appalled that she was even on any benzos. He said he doesn't believe that benzos should be used in elderly people. Second, even though he does do ECT, he says it's ridiculous to force it on someone.

But I'm so relieved that Kathleen is now officially out of the hands of Tenet and Ricky Mofsen. If she needs further hospitalization, it will be done at the finest hospital in St. Louis....and not Tenet owned.

It's been an education in insurance coverage and the problems of that. (She has a medicare supplement that has complicated things)
27 September 2000 - St. Louis

Martin Hirschfeld | @
The four physcians previously employeed by Fair Oaks
Hospital against whom my father, who is a resident of
New Jersey, filed complaints of professional misconduct are:

Mukesh Patel, MD
LNA - 29 Ichabod Crane Lane
Belle Mead, NJ 08502

Robert Moreines, MD
LNA - 12 Tuxedo Rd
Glenn Ridge, NJ 07028

Peter Herridge, MD
LNA - 1 Seward Place
Chester, NJ 07930

Charles Ciolino, MD
LNA - 36 Smithfield Court
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

Note: Charles Ciolino's legal employer was 'Psychiatric Associates of New Jersey', (PANJ) not NME/Tenet. Fined by the New Jersey State Department of Insurance in 1991, for accepting per capita 'kick-backs' from NME. PANJ
falsely represented itself as the 'Outpatient Department' of Fair Oaks Hospital, Summit, NJ. In addition to cash payment, PANJ, accepted free office space on the hospital property, in exchange for meeting an in-patient admissions quota. The legality of this practice is uncertain in New Jersey.

No professional sanctions were imposed against any physician in New Jersey
for bribary, fraud or conspiricy alone.

The 19 Prospect Street facility, 'Fair Oaks Hospital' was purchased by Charter Behavioral Health Care of Georgia, USA. The Hospital remains in operation.
Charter Behavioral filed for bankruptcy 11 Feb. 2000, following the killing of four patients by employess, and the collapse of the share price.

In June of 1999, I obtained a seven page list of mental health associates, incuding addresses, employed by Fair Oaks in February and March of 1989. The original is in the office an attorney in New Jersey. On June 22, 1999, Lori Rizzuto, RN 402 Bershire Drive, Princeton, NJ, 08540 (the Hospital Administrator of the month), filed a criminal complaint of harrassment against me in Summit, NJ. Obviously I've never met, heard of, or had any contact with this individual. Apparently she went clinically ape-shit when she discovered I had a list of MHA's from a decade earlier, but given to me by a currrent Tenet employee, and tried to save a job she has since lost by filing a false police report.

If you would like a photo copy of list of the sadistic little brats who worked at Fair Oaks Hospital in Summit, New Jersey in February and March 1989 please write to:

Summit Brats '89
c/o Martin Hirschfeld, LICSW
POB 264
Fairfax, VT 05454

There is no charge for this, but a letter size envelope with your address would help.

All joking aside, I believe it is a matter of public safety that every individual who was employeed in Fair Oaks in any clinical capacity be identifed and prevented from having any license in any health related field, or a position law enforcement, teaching or any area in which authority over chidren or force of any kind can be exercised. In the past eleven years I'm sure many have gone on to these professions.
27 September 2000 - USA

Dear Juli,
I just got back from the ICSPP in New York City last night.
After seeing your TENET page I honestly feel if I were run over by a truck tomorrow my purpose on earth would have been fulfilled. I would gladly tell you of the nightmare I endured in a Tenet/NME hospital in 1989, but I am one of
thousands. My father did manage to have two doctors fired from subsequent jobs, Mukesh Patel, Carrrier Hospital, Belle Meade Peter Herriage, Overlook in Summit, NJ, (he was chief of shrinkology!) just on the basis of my personal medical records , but the New Jersey State board of Medical Examiners has yet even to this day to respond coherently to the carefully written and documented complaints he filed against four physicians. The administrative law attorney, Ben Zander, who was recommended to us wanted $15,000, just to file a writ of mandamus, (a court order compelling the state to respond).

He believes the correspondence is the most bizzare thing he has ever seen. All the court order would entitle us to, if granted, is a response, not a favorable response. ['Fuck-off' is not worth $7,500 a word.] In New Jersey the state is
a criminal enterprise, and far worse than the criminals
on the street. It will always be that way.

27 September 2000 - USA

Irene Lynch | @ | url
Congratulations, Juli! Only by challenging unjust manipulation will we succeed. No peace and security without justice.

Irene in New Jersey
27 September 2000

Ramona Hasser
I would personally never go to a Tenet Hospital, nor would I send my worst enemy. To do so is dangerous!
26 September 2000 - USA

Ontario is gonna kick Tenet's ass in court! I hope Mrs. Garrett does the same to these bad boys.
23 September 2000 - Canada

sapphoq | @
i hate all shrinks. please tell mrs garrett for me that im rooting for her
23 September 2000 - usa

I would encourage Kathleen to invite the treating psychiatrist and Tenent to offer her an out of court settlement for an indecent sum of money in damages.
23 September 2000 - Australia

Ladyshiloh | @
I am in full support of Kathleen and think Tenet should be shut down. I don't know who they think they are, the last I heard God did not go on vacation and appoint them in his place.

Thank you Juli for all you do and if there is anything I can do, please do not hesitate. We are starting to take steps to have ECt regulated and/or banned in Washington State. Thaks again, Juli.
22 September 2000 - USA
Great job here Juli! I'm impressed that you are able to stand up to corporate America, esp someone as EVIL as Tenet.
22 September 2000 - USA

Missouri resident
Thanks Juli for your efforts against forced treatments. I'll help you if I can. contact me through SCI. Tenet and ones like them should be put out of business.
22 September 2000 - us

Walter Shwe | @
Tenet had better watch out. They just might find themselves
being investigated by the Feds, State of California and
the media.
22 September 2000 - USA

David Reichert
Bravo! Kathleen has my support and best wishes.
22 September 2000 - Australia

Brendan Dunn
Best wishes to Kathleen and family. Let us hope that the obscenity
that is ECT is removed from the arsenal of the so-called 'professionals'
in mental health care ASAP. There is a very strong anti ECT movement over
here as well.

Best wishes to all.


22 September 2000 - United Kingdom

Juli | @
Thanks for the kind messages. :-)

Kathleen is having a hard day today, according to Steve. These bills from Southpointe really got to her, which was probably their intention. Her insurance company insists that the bills are all covered and not a problem, but Southpointe (owned by Tenet) insisted she owed $3,200 and better pay up. Steve got into it yesterday with a woman and the woman actually got nasty and hung up on him, acc. to Steve. ROFL. I said good for you....stand up for yourself.

I remember getting bills from the state hospital when I was forcibly held there (Choate Medieval Dungeon in Anna, Illinois), and I finally called up, demanded the billing person and said 'Do you really expect that I would pay you for the abuse you heaped on me? I'm not paying for abuse. In fact, I'm part of the class action lawsuit against you now from the ACLU. They're gonna love that you're trying to bill me for abuse.' Well, I never heard from them again. ha.

So Steve said 'Do you think my mother is going to pay you for forced brain damage? I don't think so!'

It always comes down to money, doesn't it?


p.s. Ricky, stop posting stuff. You're not welcome here. :)
22 September 2000 - St. Louis

Maxine Hayden | @
Keep up the great work you are doing, Juli. Not only have the Corporate oppressors been actively participating in destruction of Human, Civil and Constitutional rights; it seems now that 'Free Speech' is a major target of their unconscionable activities/agenda(s). I am sure that Kathleen is extremely appreciative of your efforts to expose the abuse(s)perpetrated upon her person and building awareness of the public. Thank you for your good work for the benefit of all American Citizens. BTW: Have you seen much of American Citizens particpating in the Flag Salute lately? It is interesting to search the web and see what you find under 'Eugenics' and 'Neo-Eugenics'.
22 September 2000 - USA

Dr. William Rothanburg
Yes, a wonderful job. I personally have refused to work with any hospital that is owned by Tenet. The corporatization of American healthcare has truly hurt those who need help and Tenet has only one concern: the almighty dollar. They have shown their true colors time and time again, and even the Securities Exchange Commission said that if left on their own, Tenet would continue to break the law...and break the trust of the American people. Shareholders should be required to learn about the company they deal with. Good luck to you, Juli, and bless you for your concern over this woman. I am a physician who does not believe that ECT should be given at all, but especially against the will of a woman...or her family. Tenet was just after the money. That's pretty obvious. I hope you gave a good dose of this to the feds when you were in Washington. Maybe at your next meeting, you can present all of this information to them. Good luck, Bill.
21 September 2000 - USA

Barbara Fairbairn
Juli, You have done a wonderful job of setting up this (and the site is one of my favorites!) display on behalf of Kathleen. This situation for her has been so very sad-- I hope that the psuedo doktors and legal's burn in hell!!
21 September 20001 - USA

Jeffrey Barkabow
I want shock treatments up my ass. And then I want you to give it to my mother.
21 September 2000 - USA

Ricky Mofsen
I'm a dickhead. Please forgive me.
21 September 2000 - USA

21 September 2000 - France

I can't believe they can do this to people in America! I wonder what tenet would think if it was THEIR mother or grandmother. Tenet, you SUCK! I wish this on you and your family. Then let's see how you feel. Assholes.
21 September 2000 - USA

Tenet Healthcare should be put out of business for treating a senior citizen like this! I hope they find themselves in the same hot water they did a few years ago. But this time, Janet Reno shouldn't go so easy on them. Let's put them out of business!!
21 September 2000 - USA

Juli | @ | url
Update on Kathleen:

Just spoke to Steve, and he says the harassment continues. Currently, Des Peres Hospital says Kathleen owes them $3,200. Steve says he repeatedly told them she couldn't afford to pay anything, and to inform him if her insurance ran out. (She has a Medicare Supplement)

Steve showed me the bills they've sent her, and says that he's tried to discuss it with billing staff, but they've been rude to him and demand the money, or they will ruin her credit.

Today Steve called the Medicare Supplement company, and they said she WAS fully covered and does not owe Des Peres/Tenet a red cent. Steve called DP back and told them, and says he was again treated rudely and told the girl off. He says she hung up on him, but not before telling him that his mother DOES owe the money and they'll turn it over to a collection agency if it's not paid immediately.
20 September 2000 - St. Louis, USA
Juli | @ | url
Just wanted to give an introductory message before I open this guestbook up to the public. Because of the legal threats that are currently floating around, I would advise you to not use a full name if you're going to say *anything* negative about Tenet Healthcare Corporation. I am not keeping a log of IP addresses on this guestbook, and will have no way of knowing who anyone is, other than if you provide the information.

The only thing required here is a first name, but feel free to use a handle. Other than that, LET FREE SPEECH RULE!!! Viva la original thought and the freedom to express it.

Welcome, and leave your thoughts, opinions, gripes or whatever you want.

20 September 2000 - St. Louis, USA