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Buy viagra without prescription, You will find a great deal of information on electroconvulsive therapy, pro, con and neutral. Cheap viagra overnight delivery, The site is huge, and I've tried to organize articles to make it as easy as possible to find the type of info you seek, no prescription viagra. Viagra cost, Many articles are tagged for more than one category, and you will also find "Possibly Related Articles" at the bottom of each page to expand your search, viagra buy drug. Order viagra from us, The menu at the right has the main categories concerning electroconvulsive therapy. Please note that this site has been online for 15 years, buy viagra cheap, Buy viagra in canada, and therefore, some articles will be much older than others, viagra price.

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Buy gold viagra without prescription, The Food and Drug Administration is in charge of regulating medical devices just as it does drugs, including the machines used to give shock treatment. But it’s not doing its job, buy gold viagra on line. Certified gold viagra, It has allowed these machines to be used on millions of patients over the past generation without requiring any evidence whatsoever that shock treatment is safe or effective. This is so even though shock machines are Class III---high risk---devices, gold viagra online pharmacy, Buy no rx gold viagra, which by law are supposed to be investigated by clinical trials as thoroughly as new drugs and devices just coming onto the market. But because of intense lobbying by the American Psychiatric Association---which claims the devices are safe but opposes an investigation---the FDA has disregarded its own law, order gold viagra in us. (For the full story of how shock survivors have fought for a scientific safety investigation of ECT for the past 25 years, see the new book Doctors of Deception: What They Don’t Want You to Know About Shock Treatment by Linda Andre.)

In April 2009---30 years after it first ruled the devices high-risk and named brain damage and memory loss as risks of the treatment---the FDA belatedly announced it would call on the manufacturers of the devices to provide evidence of safety and efficacy, buy gold viagra without prescription. Buy cheap gold viagra online, The deadline for submissions has passed, but the manufacturers have not conducted any clinical trials, cheap price gold viagra, Cheap gold viagra in canada, claiming they cannot afford them. They simply point to the opinions of shock doctors (including those who have financial interests in the device companies) as evidence that shock is safe, cheapest generic gold viagra online. Gold viagra for sale, The FDA is now supposed to require the ECT device to undergo the rigorous PreMarket Approval process (PMA) that is required of new devices, including clinical safety trials, gold viagra cheapest price. Order generic gold viagra, But the FDA could have called for this investigation any time in the past 30 years and has steadfastly refused to do so. Buy gold viagra without prescription, It has never wavered from its intention (as stated in 1990) to declare the shock machine safe, and downclassify it to the low-risk Class II, without scientific evidence of its safety. As a Class II device, gold viagra sale, Cheap gold viagra, the shock machine would never have to go through the PMA process. After all, low cost gold viagra, Purchase gold viagra online, if a PMA showed shock to be unsafe, the FDA would have to take shock machines off the market, gold viagra free sample, Gold viagra online cheap, and it knows that the American Psychiatric Association would never allow that.

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Recognizing the long history of "significant public interest" in the ECT device, the FDA has opened up a new docket for public comments on the device, buy generic gold viagra. Discount gold viagra without prescription, If we don’t write in, they will almost certainly reclassify, gold viagra order. Gold viagra professional, Comments will be accepted up through January 8, 2010, gold viagra vendors. Find gold viagra without prescription, Do you think shock is safe. Buy gold viagra without prescription, Have you evidence you want FDA to consider, including your personal experience. Write a letter to the address below or send in the coupon, gold viagra in malaysia. Cheap gold viagra on internet, You can also make electronic comments at by entering “Notices” and then the docket number FDA-2009-N-0392.

This is urgent, best price gold viagra. Canadian pharmacy gold viagra, After 30 years FDA will certainly cave in to organized psychiatry if we aren't watching and we don't ALL take action.
To: Food and Drug Administration, cheap gold viagra pharmacy, Buy gold viagra without prescription, Dockets Management Branch (HFA-305), 5630 Fishers Lane, drug gold viagra online purchase, Gold viagra in us, Room 1061, Rockville, MD 20852
Re: Docket #FDA-2009-N-0392

The undersigned opposes the reclassification of the ECT device to Class II by the FDA in the absence of adequate scientific evidence of its safety, and asks the agency to call for PreMarket Approval Applications for the device.

Name: ________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________________ 
Signature: _____________________________________________________________________________

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Buy viagra super force without prescription, If you buy and read only one book on ECT, this should be the one. Andre is not only a survivor of ECT, cheapest viagra super force, Order viagra super force no prescription, but has spent the past 25 years listening to, and documenting the experiences of, purchase viagra super force without prescription, Viagra super force information, other survivors. With her exhaustive knowledge of what passes for scientific research on the subject, cheapest generic viagra super force, Viagra super force sales, and an insider's knowledge of the politics behind that "science" as well as the pronouncements of supposedly trustworthy authorities like the FDA, no one is more qualified to demolish the claims of the shock industry, buy viagra super force in us. Viagra super force overnight shipping, Andre does so with thoroughness, style, viagra super force prescription, Viagra super force, and even wit. Everything she says is documented, buy cheapest viagra super force, Buy cheapest viagra super force online, but never before has all this information been gathered in one volume.

The book vividly brings to life the multifarious personalities who have battled over ECT--what it is, what it does, what should be done about it, buy viagra super force without prescription. As she says, find cheap viagra super force online, Order viagra super force no rx, no fiction writer could have dreamed up such characters. Her description of the decades-long battle between ECT survivors and organized psychiatry over whether shock should be investigated for safety is particularly riveting, buy viagra super force pills. Cheap viagra super force in usa, That story is published here for the first time. Andre explores why and how the media is biased towards shock (with painful examples from her own experience); explains why forced shock is more prevalent today than before laws which were supposed to ensure choice; tells you exactly why the ECT research you pay for with your tax dollars can't be trusted; and takes apart every plank of what she calls the industry public relations script to show that every one is a lie, viagra super force without a prescription. Buy viagra super force without prescription, If you ever wondered how the shock industry has gotten away with damaging brains for profit for over seventy years---and how it continues to do so successfully and with supreme arrogance---this book is the answer to that question. Generic viagra super force cheap, From the publisher:

DOCTORS OF DECEPTION: What They Don’t Want You to Know about Shock Treatment (Cloth $26.95, 978-0-81354441-0, order viagra super force no prescription required, Best price for viagra super force, February 2009) by Linda Andre is the first history of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), or shock treatment, viagra super force canada, Cost viagra super force, to consider the controversial procedure in a social, legal, find discount viagra super force online, Viagra super force us, financial, medical, online viagra super force, Viagra super force no prescription, and moral context. Through the investigation of court records, viagra super force from canada, Free viagra super force, medical research, FDA archives, buy viagra super force low price, Viagra super force uk, and other primary sources, Andre shows that claims of safety and efficacy made by doctors who promote and profit from ECT are not supported by science or evidence, order viagra super force without prescription. Viagra super force no rx, She reveals how the shock industry and organized psychiatry abused public trust and waged a masterful, multi-decade public relations campaign to improve ECT’s image, order viagra super force cheap online, Cheap viagra super force from usa, deceiving the media, the government, order no rx viagra super force, Buying viagra super force online, and the public about its risks while exploiting negative stereotypes of mental patients to silence survivors.

DOCTORS OF DECEPTION documents the struggles of these former patients and their allies who have worked for over thirty years to inform others about the dangers of ECT, viagra super force buy, Viagra super force in australia, and includes vivid firsthand accounts of its permanent adverse effects on memory and cognition. Meticulously researched, viagra super force overnight, Viagra super force cheap price, DOCTORS OF DECEPTION builds a solid case that ECT can never be justified scientifically, medically, or morally.

You can buy the book at the Rutgers University Press website,

You can buy it and write reviews on and, and ask your local bookstore to carry it.

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Buy viagra oral jelly without prescription, We're a little late inducting Dev, so let's call him the 2007 Honoree, because the 2008 Honoree is right behind him in line, to be announced soon. Order discount viagra oral jelly, Psychiatrist Davangere Devanand of Columbia University is dis-honored for his two faces: shock doctor and author of “The Memory Program,” a book on how to maintain and improve memory, tablet viagra oral jelly. Viagra oral jelly drug, Devanand’s book “The Memory Program” is clean. Clean as a drug dealer who tossed his stash minutes before being cuffed by the police, buy viagra oral jelly us. Buy cheap viagra oral jelly internet, Clean as a whistle. You can look everywhere, buy viagra oral jelly without prescription. You can comb every page, find viagra oral jelly. Discount viagra oral jelly, You can check the index under "e", under "s", cheap viagra oral jelly from uk, Compare viagra oral jelly prices online, under "a" for amnesia. You won't find a single mention of electroshock, buying viagra oral jelly, Viagra oral jelly generic, ECT, electroconvulsive therapy, discount viagra oral jelly overnight delivery, Viagra oral jelly pills, or shock treatment in this book about memory problems---causes and prevention. Nor will you find any mention of Dr, buy viagra oral jelly canada. Buy viagra oral jelly without prescription, Devangere Devanand's other day job, the one he held long before he decided he was a "memory expert" and "writer": shock doctor at the country's most infamous shock mill, the New York State Psychiatric Institute. Buy viagra oral jelly online australia, A book on common memory problems that avoids mentioning shock treatment is like, I don't know, viagra oral jelly without rx, Viagra oral jelly online stores, a book on weight loss that avoids mentioning calories. That is, viagra oral jelly tablets, Buy viagra oral jelly on internet, it's more than an omission. It's a spectacular feat of deception, cheap viagra oral jelly tablet. Drug viagra oral jelly, It's a new low when you thought the gang up at PI couldn't go any lower.

Course, "Dev", who's worked with the Sackeim team for over a decade, has (at least as far as anyone has uncovered so far) passed on the gravy train of shock machine company and magnet machine megabucks, so who can blame him for trying to get a little extra on the side any way he can, buy viagra oral jelly without prescription. Especially with a low-budget book like this, buy viagra oral jelly from us, Viagra oral jelly online without a prescription, easily thrown together, seemingly irresistible to the masses who wouldn't dream of entering a psych ward, overnight viagra oral jelly. Order viagra oral jelly in canada, And it's not easy being Dev. Consider what it takes, find no rx viagra oral jelly. Buy viagra oral jelly internet, In the morning go in a door marked "Memory Disorders Clinic", where you're the big cheese, viagra oral jelly non prescription. Buy viagra oral jelly without prescription, You listen sympathetically to people who are distressed by mild to moderate, generalized and often extremely normal memory problems. Buy discount viagra oral jelly online, You know, like the middle aged man who's concerned when he can't remember where he put his glasses, order viagra oral jelly, Purchase viagra oral jelly no rx, or takes longer than he thinks proper to recall a name. No matter how small the concern, buy viagra oral jelly once daily, Cheap viagra oral jelly online, you listen very seriously. You acknowledge the problem, buy viagra oral jelly overnight delivery. Cheap viagra oral jelly pill, You say you will help. You wouldn't dream of saying to one of these clients, "Nothing is wrong with you; what you say is happening, cannot be; it's just your subjective opinion, not reality." You test, buy viagra oral jelly without prescription. You prescribe, viagra oral jelly tablet. Buy viagra oral jelly no rx, You try to heal.

In the afternoon you're a "researcher" on one of Sackeim's many federally-funded experimental ECT projects, generic viagra oral jelly online. Viagra oral jelly india, You go in a door saying "ECT Clinic, Department of Biological Psychiatry", pharmacy viagra oral jelly. Buy viagra oral jelly without prescription, Your work routinely permanently robs patients of years of their memory—two, five, ten, fifteen years. As well, your guinea pigs permanently lose those memory abilities the slight impairment of which so alarms those morning patients of yours, those free to leave the clinic at any time. You know this because your test results (the ones you don't publish or even show to NIMH, your funding source) show it. You know it because your patients say it. But in the afternoon, you pretend these massive memory deficits, the ones like losing an arm compared to your other patients who break a fingernail, don't exist. You tell these patients and their families that they're crazy, they're imagining things, buy viagra oral jelly without prescription. You don't even mention permanent memory losses when you write up your results for the fancy journals, the ones which made you such a big shot.

HELP for these patients. How about a book for us. Even ACKNOWLEDGMENT of their losses. Buy viagra oral jelly without prescription, Heaven forbid. Hey, you're in a bind; ECT's the cash cow of psychiatry, of PI. There simply can't be any bad effects on memory.

A patient who enters door #1 with a fifteen year amnesia and the kind of memory and cognitive disability you see every day in the ECT clinic would be scanned with every kind of fancy machine you've got up there, would be given neuropsychological testing, and offered cognitive rehabilitation for life. A patient with the same symptoms inside Door #2 would be told "Nothing's wrong with you, and if you think there is, you're just crazy.".

But there's a sense in which your billing yourself as a "memory expert" (and getting a contract from a gullible publisher) is just part of the everyday duties of a shock doctor/apologist, buy viagra oral jelly without prescription. (As the guy who was granted first authorship on that infamous article which claimed 1000 shocks don’t cause any memory loss, you've earned your stripes.)

You've got to be able to define and control memory loss: who has it, when it will be acknowledged, when it won't. That is just part of being a shock doctor at the level to which you have aspired, and achieved: i.e. at the apologist level.

It's a tough line, but you're a professional, trained by the best. You have to acknowledge that memory is a human being's highest and most precious treasure----while at the same time defining some people as less-than-human beings whose memories you may pillage for profit. You've got to disallow the stories told by shock patients as "anecdotes"---while publishing your own stories as scientific fact.

We used to just have bank robbery, now we have Enron. We used to just have shock doctors pushing buttons, now we have them writing books about how to improve memory.

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Buy viagra plus without prescription, “When science has a commercial basis, those who make a living out of one point of view seem much less likely to tolerate dissent than is normal in the rest of science.”

(David Healy, from his 2004 book Let Them Eat Prozac)

Once, just once, it would be nice to see doctors who use ECT make an argument for their product based on facts and science, without lies and omission, without making stereotypical errors of reasoning, and without lowering themselves to the level of libel by disparaging the sanity and veracity of their former patients.

If any shock doctor is capable of doing this, it ought to be David Healy (director of the ECT service at a Welsh clinic). But Healy’s chosen not to do so.

The first clue that that this book is nothing more than the industry party line on ECT comes on the very first page, but you might not pick up on it. Funding for the book, Cheap viagra plus no prescription, the authors admit, came from the Scion Natural Science Association. What they don’t tell you is that Scion is Max Fink’s private family foundation, one he started decades ago to fund research favorable to ECT from his personal money, buy viagra plus without prescription. Fink, age 84---often called the grandfather of shock---has been promoting ECT for half a century. He makes promotional videos for shock machine company Somatics, publishes books and articles denying any adverse effects of ECT, and has helped many younger men and women build careers as shock doctors. No one alive has a greater investment in shock, order viagra plus overnight delivery. Public records show Fink’s foundation paid the authors $34,000 to write this book. Buy viagra plus without prescription, Fink also co-wrote the book, according to sources like Wikipedia and the State University of New York website.

And then there’s this on page three:

“So clear are the benefits from ECT for patients who might otherwise commit suicide, or otherwise languish for years in the blackness of depression, that there should be little controversy over whether it is safe or effective.”

The 382-page book can be pretty well reduced to the above statement. Whether you accept its very loaded assumptions (ECT has great benefits, Fda approved viagra plus, ECT prevents suicide, ECT cures depression) and agree with it or not, there is nothing in the remaining 379 pages that will change your mind. Even if you don’t know much about shock therapy before picking up the book, you might well stop right there and ask yourself how the second part of that sentence follows logically from the first: can any treatment be so effective we needn’t ask whether it’s safe, and can disregard evidence that it’s not. If you read the rest of the book, you’ll realize that this is indeed the authors’ position, buy cheap viagra plus. That should be on page three is the alarm bell warning you that this book is full of value judgments by supposed authorities substituting for evidence and reasoned arguments, buy viagra plus without prescription. It is history rewritten as the authors, all unabashed proponents of ECT, think it should be.

To an informed reader, that any supposed history of ECT can leave out so much of what is known about it is somewhat puzzling. It makes a kind of sense only when the book is understood as a long love letter to its invisible third author. Viagra plus in bangkok, Here Fink's opinions on the treatment he has zealously spearheaded for his entire career have finally been set down in one place for prosperity. Buy viagra plus without prescription, It was decided to take his name off the book, most likely for public relations purposes; Fink's partisanship of ECT is so extreme and so well-known that many would dismiss a book by him as self-serving propaganda. Shock Therapy is no less that for the thinly veiled attempt to erase his fingerprints, such as not revealing that the Scion Foundation is Fink's own private family foundation.

It's not a surprise that Shorter, the author of a history of psychiatry which dismisses all nonbiological approaches to mental illness, supports Fink's position. But those who know Healy's work are likely to be astonished that he has been willing to put his name to an adulatory book on electroshock. Healy is internationally known for his criticism of the influence of psychopharmaceutical companies on medicine, online pharmacy viagra plus, in particular their skewing of research and their marketing tactics. He has also, through all this, accepted money from more than a dozen such companies, buy viagra plus without prescription.

He’s become widely esteemed in some circles, especially ex-patient circles, as a whistleblower, upholding high standards of scientific evidence and honesty in research. That reputation is the capital he has now invested in this new book, Viagra plus discount, and it's all been squandered away in a work of audacious, breathtaking dishonesty. That Healy has perhaps engaged in as much self-deception as other-deception in order to write this hardly matters. In either case he has willfully disabled his intelligence and critical thinking skills, his scientific knowledge and scruples, and even reason and logic. Buy viagra plus without prescription, The book takes the position that adverse permanent effects of the treatment don't occur. Ever. "The charge of brain damage is an urban myth, viagra plus malaysia," the authors say, and dismiss permanent memory loss at every turn as entirely fanciful, not real. It's a position that is too extreme for even many of ECT’s most rabid proponents, but it is the position maintained by Fink, and so it must be upheld no matter what the cost. Cheapest viagra plus online, The authors are 10,000% behind shock, and that goes for the types of ECT that even zealous proponents can't quite stomach. Unmodified ECT (without anesthesia), ECT outside of hospitals, outpatient ECT in doctors' offices without anesthesia, regressive ECT of the sort that reduced patients to incontinent and spoon-fed infants, multiple ECT, involuntary ECT, sine wave ECT---the book hasn't an unkind word to say about any of them, buy viagra plus without prescription. The treatment works, the book says smugly, as if that were all that mattered (and with little evidence in support besides the repeated assertions of psychiatrists).

For example, the authors say of regressive ECT, order viagra plus on internet, “The circumstances of the entire thing were ghastly, yet the treatment seemed to work...beating chemotherapy soundly in terms of the ultimate result of getting off therapy entirely.” The use of involuntary ECT without anesthesia to punish inmates at a large state hospital in Milledgeville, Georgia has become the stuff of legend, and the nickname the staff and patients had for shock, the "Georgia power cocktail," a kind of shorthand for the worst that can be done to mental patients. Find viagra plus online, To my knowledge, before Shock Therapy no contemporary psychiatrist has ever defended the use of the Georgia power cocktail. Yet these authors approvingly quote a Milledgeville psychiatrist who said, "I have seen some remarkable recoveries here." They conclude the two-page section addressing past abuse of ECT by saying that even under the worst circumstances it led to "remarkably effective results in terms of successful discharges."

While any history of ECT is obliged to acknowledge allegations of abuse, this is the first to brush them off: ECT "does not lend itself well to abuse because it is painless: the patient is immediately unconscious." International human rights advocates, who consider ECT without anesthesia torture, would disagree. Buy viagra plus without prescription, Those who know Healy by reputation as a critic of psychiatry, and those in the mental patients' movement who considered him an ally, will simply be astonished, and then feel betrayed, to see his name on such a work.

His name is in fact essential to the book's claim to be a credible history, find discount viagra plus. Healy is a historian of psychiatry and the author of well respected books like The AntiDepressant Era. However, having Healy's name on this book does not make it a history; not in the sense of his other works, not in any sense at all. True historians don't leave out a huge swath of what they know because it doesn't fit into an agenda determined in advance. In other words, they write history, even if always from their own perspective and with a particular focus, but they do not rewrite it, buy viagra plus without prescription.

A work of scholarship does not make categorical statements like "There is no known occurrence of brain damage associated with ECT" that are not backed up with any references, Viagra plus order, only the presumed credibility of the authors and the publisher, and which the authors and publisher know are easily proven to be false. Any serious scholar looking into the history of ECT would acknowledge evidence of brain damage from the get-go---for instance, in the earliest studies done by the inventors of the treatment---and on up to the present day.

Permanent amnesia has also been documented since the 1940s. Even one instance of the presumed impossible occurrence---even one former ECT patient interviewed by Healy who lives on Social Security disability due to brain damage caused by ECT and documented by her physicians, even one scientific study---makes such statements untrue. Buy viagra plus without prescription, Rather than engaging and weighing the evidence for permanent brain damage and permanent memory loss, even if only to tell us they find it unconvincing, the authors have chosen to simply omit it. When they can’t get away with that, buy viagra plus in us, they resort to lies. Healy felt constrained to mention the case of Marilyn Rice, a prominent former ECT patient. Rather than revealing that her brain scan, which she made public, documented permanent structural damage, Viagra plus online sales, he says only that she “believed” she experienced permanent memory loss. He then goes on to try to discredit her by telling readers she was an “anti-ECT,” “anti-psychiatry” activist. While the authors and publisher well know these statements about Rice to be false, readers will accept them at face value because of the trust they place in the authors and the Press, buy viagra plus without prescription. But if Rice were alive, she could sue the authors and the publisher for libel. Leonard Frank, a former ECT patient very much alive, is libeled as well, buy no rx viagra plus. Healy interviewed him, plus much of Frank’s story is public record, so he well knew that Frank never engaged in the illegal act (smoking marijuana) he’s accused of in the book. Healy made this claim up, smug in the knowledge that even living former psychiatric patients don’t have the means to pursue libel lawsuits against doctors. Buy viagra plus without prescription, But it is shameful (and far beneath anyone who calls himself a scholar) that he used his immunity this way.

This kind of intentional deception is very different from framing history. Overnight viagra plus, Certainly, the history of any topic can be written from different perspectives; medical, political, social, legal, moral, economic. No one book can include all of these, viagra plus online without a prescription. In fact, Rutgers has in the pipeline another history of electroshock; a social history, in large part the story of those who have experienced and survived it. Those voices have never been heard together in print and that book, due out in January 2009, truly will break new ground, buy viagra plus without prescription. It is possible to leave out some aspects of history in order to focus on others, without being dishonest. But this is not what Healy et al have done. Viagra plus purchase, They don’t leave out the question of ECT’s adverse effects. They take it as one of their central topics, only to pretend that most of the evidence of the past seventy years does not exist. Buy viagra plus without prescription, They then must try to knit together a case for their position that there are no permanent adverse effects out of---in the case of brain damage--- a few very old studies culled from dozens, and----in the case of memory loss and cognitive disability---thin air. (There are no studies supporting unfootnoted claims like "In the vast majority of patients, memory is restored within weeks after the last treatment," nor have there ever been any studies undertaken on Healy's uniquely bizarre claims like the one that anesthesia itself, or maybe even valium, causes the extent of permanent amnesia seen with ECT, viagra plus pharmacy. Who else would dare to claim that people put under anesthesia for routine surgeries experience years of memory erasure. Where is even one such documented case?)

Simply put, Healy and the other authors know so much about electroshock that it is impossible for them to maintain their position that it is harmless without deceiving their readers. On every page, they seem to be looking over their shoulders to see if anyone will catch them. In several cases, the hubris of these authors is such that they actually cite parts of studies or reports that resoundingly disprove their claims when read in full, but they must have been confident that no one would do so, buy viagra plus without prescription.

Here are some examples. Cheap viagra plus tablets, The authors maintain that "Critics claim ECT produces significant and severe memory loss and brain damage, yet in fact such side effects are either completely unfounded or are short-lived and less profound than stated." It's right on page two, but no reference follows the statement.

Yet they are aware that all the available data to date on memory loss was systematically reviewed in a study commissioned by the British government and published in the British Medical Journal in 2003, because they cite to that study elsewhere for some other point, without revealing the main purpose or findings of the study: that at least one-third of ECT patients suffer permanent amnesia and that ECT commonly erases five or more years of their lives.

They cite a 1985 National Institute of Mental Health Report on ECT for its recommendation that questions about shock be included on psychiatry licensing exams. Buy viagra plus without prescription, But what they don't say is that in this same report NIMH found, based on work done by memory expert Larry Squire, that ECT causes an average eight-month period of permanent amnesia. Squire showed that the majority of ECT patients had impaired memories when they were studied three years after treatment---meaning Healy et al have neatly inverted the scientific evidence, buy viagra plus once daily.

In a discussion of a 1977 American Psychiatric Association survey of psychiatrists, they mention some of the results (about how many do shock, and so on) but leave out the one finding that doesn't fit their script: the fact that 41% of the surveyed psychiatrists said that ECT causes brain damage.

The book repeatedly flatly denies any “neurologic sequelae” of ECT. In order to do so, the authors simply ignore decades of evidence for such sequelae, Viagra plus online pharmacy, from the earliest animal and human autopsy studies (of which dozens show damage) up to the present-day controversy over mossy-fiber sprouting (an abnormal finding seen in epileptics and ECT patients). When the authors try to make their case by citing, rather than omitting, evidence, they have a rough time, buy viagra plus without prescription. They cannot cite one single brain scan study designed to investigate whether ECT causes brain damage by comparing ECT patients to controls who have not been shocked, for there has never been such a study (a fact about the history of ECT that itself speaks volumes).

The authors cite to the famous Irving Janis study of 1951, which used extensive before-and-after testing to document that all patients studied had permanent extensive amnesia after routine ECT (and followed them up long enough to be sure). The Janis study is beyond reproach methodologically and there have been many calls for its replication. But Healy et al do not mention what this study was, or what it found---instead they cite it only to claim it says something it does not, certified viagra plus. Buy viagra plus without prescription, Here's the book's case that ECT does not cause brain damage:

---A 1940 Italian dog autopsy study by the inventors of ECT. The authors found grave pathology in the brains of shocked dogs and assumed the pathology was reversible but only in one case did that seem to have happened. They could claim only "the possibility of a relatively good recovery" from brain damage, not that there was no brain damage;

---The speculation that the inventor of a rival therapy started the myth of ECT brain damage in 1942 to promote his own treatment;

--- The statement that in 1950 a major shock proponent believed that there had been a number of studies showing ECT did not cause brain damage;

----A 1942 EEG study which Shock Therapy claims showed that abnormal EEGs eventually return to normal but which actually showed that even after six months a third of ECT patients still had abnormal EEGs;

---A 1942 monkey autopsy study in which the authors found "physiological evidence of clear and definite as it is in the human patient";

---A 1944 study of four cats;

---A 1991 uncontrolled MRI study in which the lead author was a longtime consultant to the companies that make the devices, which found that patients' brains were more abnormal post-ECT (dismissed as "cerebrovascular disease" with the caveat that this was only speculation);

---And finally, a quote from a psychiatrist who said in 1945 that "there cannot be any serious impairment to the brain."

There. Now are you convinced that brain damage is only an “urban myth?"

The book mentions, Where to buy viagra plus, in passing, two other contemporary ECT patients besides Rice who have publicly revealed the results of their own neurological testing documenting permanent brain damage (without, in fact, mentioning this fact about them). Healy in particular well knows that ECT disability has ruined the lives of former patients, because he admits interviewing people who've painted him pictures in great detail of what ECT memory disability is like and how it differs in extent and kind from any normal memory fallibility. They are credited in the acknowledgments, buy viagra plus without prescription.

Healy is certainly the only one of the three authors who would have deigned to sit down with ECT survivors; Fink, judging by colorful comments he’s made over the years, order viagra plus in canada, would as soon carry out an interview with monkeys. It is the pretense of listening, only to dismiss and discard everything he heard and even to print the opposite of what he heard or to libel those who trusted him, that makes Healy morally culpable in a way the other two, despite all their lies, are not. Viagra plus online, It was left to Healy to carry out the thankless task of crafting the section of the book that is intended to support its denial of decades of evidence of permanent memory loss. By his own account he seems to have agonized over it for years. Buy viagra plus without prescription, To say that it is poorly written is beside the point; it is the thinking behind it that is so bad. Healy had to twist common sense and logic into pretzels, and the section titled "But Why Memory?" is a sad spectacle. Knowing that Healy has in the recent past been capable of critical thinking and scientific reasoning in the case of psychiatric drugs, reading this section is like watching a train wreck. Instead of citing, proposing, cheap viagra plus overnight delivery, or even conducting a single scientific study on the topic of whether ECT causes permanent memory loss---the way he has famously approached the question of whether psychiatric drugs can cause suicides---Healy engages in bizarre and nonsensical rationalizations of what he has already decided to believe: shock cannot cause memory loss. Rather, he says, amnesia after ECT is a kind of mass delusion, and comes about for the following reasons:

---Our culture places too much value on memory.

Healy has made the strange, and easily disproven, claim that ECT amnesia has only become an important issue within the last forty years, and that there was no concern about it for the first thirty, buy viagra plus without prescription. What he says, Generic viagra plus cheap, or tries to say, about why humanity has placed value on intact memory only since the 1960s is too sketchy and incomprehensible to reproduce here. Suffice it to say that no editor ought to have allowed it into print.

---Benzodiazepines such as valium cause sudden permanent extensive amnesia of the type which is seen after, and mistakenly attributed to, ECT. (Not one study is cited to prove this point, probably because no one before Healy has ever postulated such a theory, buy cheapest viagra plus on line, let alone designed a study to investigate it.)

---General anesthesia in and of itself routinely causes permanent extensive amnesia which is mistakenly attributed to ECT. Buy viagra plus without prescription, (No citation, for the same reason.)

---People who undergo coronary artery bypass surgery experience cognitive impairment. (This is supposed to prove that ECT patients don’t, least that seems to be the only reason it’s included in this book.)

---ECT patients are "psychoneurotics" who "cling to claims of abolished memories."

---ECT patients are responding to clinicians' suggestions that they have memory loss.

---Even psychiatrists forget things that happened 20 to 40 years ago.

---A man in Germany once forgot about an affair he had with a woman.

---"Psychologists may have used memory loss as a wedge in battering down the citadel of medical authority."

If these authors were being honest with their readers, Cheapest generic viagra plus, they might say that all the chicanery they have engaged in is necessary and justified because electroshock is a procedure worth defending at any cost. They might even say the ends justify the means, as do the many psychiatrists who force shock upon unwilling patients for their own good, buy viagra plus without prescription. The authors repeat over and over that electroshock “works.” (What’s meant by that, for whom, for what, for how long…all questions they don’t ask.) This is assumed to overrule everything: risks of permanent damage, patients’ rights to be informed and to refuse. But that electroshock works, like their other claims, buy viagra plus online without prescription, is asserted, not proven. Max Fink is quoted as saying that ECT is the most effective treatment of the 20th century. Data is scarce, mostly consisting of three studies from the 1940s. Buy viagra plus without prescription, Their main argument is a 1988 Danish study comparing ECT to the now rarely-used tricyclics, which they claim shows that shock reduces Hamilton scores by ten more points than the drugs. Even one of the adulatory reviews of the book---written, Viagra plus without prescription, it turns out, by a psychiatrist who’s a colleague of Fink’s and was interviewed for the book---muses that there have been only two randomized controlled trials that even looked at the question of whether ECT is effective compared to drugs. No wonder the authors have to keep repeating over and over “It works.” They haven’t got any evidence.

Two large, 21st century studies comparing contemporary ECT to the type of drugs used today for depression and mania found the procedure to have only about a 30-50% efficacy rate in the short term. In the long term, at six months, patients who’d had ECT did only marginally better than those who hadn’t, viagra plus free delivery. Though the author of these studies was interviewed extensively for this book, the studies aren’t mentioned, buy viagra plus without prescription.

And although the claim that ECT is “lifesaving” made it onto the dust jacket copy and is a central selling point for both the procedure and the book, once again the reader is being sold a public relations line, not science. The authors appear to have culled through all the evidence that ECT either has no effect on, or is associated with higher rates of, suicide and mortality to select out two studies from the 1940s (again, Discount viagra plus overnight delivery, why the 1940s?) as their best and only evidence that the procedure has ever saved lives. One was a comparison of ECT and metrazol (the original convulsive shock treatment induced by chemicals) and the other a study of outcome in manic-depressives which only incidentally considered suicide.

In an era of information proliferation, how can the authors get away with this. Buy viagra plus without prescription, After all, you can't get to page three of this book without coming upon a categorical assertion with no reference. It's not so much that no one will know; it's that the ECT industry, which has always thrived on deceiving patients, stands solidly behind the book and, holding prominent posts in medicine and academia, find viagra plus without prescription, they can and will make sure no criticism gets through. The glowing blurbs on the back cover are from prominent shock doctors. The book has gotten loving reviews in the media and the medical journals. Meanwhile, professionals from outside the industry and, most importantly, Purchase viagra plus, the survivors of ECT who have been left out of this history, are not able to be heard. In fact, a critical review on which infuriated Healy was taken down, presumably by him, soon after it appeared, buy viagra plus without prescription. This, more than anything else, explains why an author and publisher can knowingly and without fear of negative repercussion, one might even say arrogantly, put out a book filled with errors and lies of omission. That is true, viagra plus overnight, at least, when the subject is electroshock, where there is such an imbalance of power between those who champion it and those who have been subjected to it or otherwise know better..

ECT practitioners will be able to cite this book in support of what they already believe, without any need to read it. Who might be interested in actually reading the book. Buy viagra plus without prescription, Well, if you like biographical minutiae about the men who championed convulsive treatment---gossip about the mental health of Manfred Sakel or the financial motivations of Lothar Kalinowsky, for instance---you’ll find it here and nowhere else. Buy viagra plus internet, As well, you’ll find a story of the invention of shock treatment that is different from the universally accepted version. It may or may not be true; there’s no way to check it out because it’s based on private papers the authors claim to have seen. Whether it reveals anything about the invention of shock or simply about the authors of this book, it’s more revealing than Fink, Shorter, and Healy probably realize.

According to them, viagra plus medication, the first shock treatment was not the success it has been said to be in all previous histories. In fact, it wasn’t until the third shock treatment that the inventors got an outcome they wanted to reveal publicly, buy viagra plus without prescription. The first was a failure. The second is said to have been given to a different patient, a woman, and nothing more is said, not even whether she lived or died. After the third treatment was judged a success, its inventor, Ugo Cerletti, conflated the first three attempts into one, and that false account has survived until now.

“The creators of electroshock had been so eager to give the public a perfect story,” the authors conclude, “that they concealed a few weaknesses in their claims present in the record.” The same can be said for these authors. Yet today the record is so extensive that Shock Therapy not only fails as history, but will fail to deceive anyone but the procedure’s most devoted enthusiasts.

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Buy Black Cialis Without Prescription

Buy black cialis without prescription, SHOCKED TACTICS
Sunday Herald

THERE'S ONLY two things you don't talk about in polite company - one is politics, the other is religion." Michelle Shocked delivers her favourite line with a shrug that signals her intention to talk about faith, politics and little else. No-one has ever called her polite, Black cialis information, but that's how she likes it.

Shocked defined herself through confrontation the moment she ran away from her strict Mormon upbringing in East Texas to become a folk singer. Her rebellious streak landed her in mental hospitals, jail cells and homeless shelters in San Francisco. The cover of her debut album, Short Sharp Shocked, showed her being manhandled by riot police, a choke hold stifling her shout of protest, buy black cialis without prescription. From the name down, she was outraged, sale black cialis, appalled, and ready to fight.

She struggled against misappropriation of her music, taking her label to court and winning on the grounds that her contract amounted to slavery. Cheap black cialis in usa, She passionately condemned US foreign policy, speaking out against the invasion of Iraq back when it meant career suicide. She confounded the expectations of the music industry and her fans by refusing to stick with any one style, singing folk, blues, rock, buy black cialis no prescription required, gospel, swing, latino and Disney songs as the mood took her. Buy black cialis without prescription, She has no regrets.

Interviewing her is bracing, Black cialis canada, but never bland. "I find the question to be a particularly British type of journalistic tedium," she tells me at one point, adding that she would like to put her hands around my throat and strangle me. "I really want to get to the soul of this, but you already have your questions, discount black cialis without prescription. If you just want Q&A then I'll give you answers, but don't waste any more of my time. I'm trying to get to some heart matters here, man."

Shocked is passing through New York on a tour to promote To Heaven U Ride, a live Sunday morning gospel set that she released on her own label, Mighty Sound, earlier this year, buy black cialis without prescription. After a trip to a hat shop to get her trademark silk fedora professionally cleaned, we take tea at Starbucks. Black cialis cost, Shocked thinks that "people are hypocritical" in their attitudes to the corporate coffee chain, and in any case, she really likes the chai there. Knowing what your cuppa will taste like is important when you're living out of a suitcase for weeks on end.

She pays with a gold American Express card, but times are evidently tight, free black cialis. Buy black cialis without prescription, She is staying at a grim hostel in Chelsea and travels from gig to gig in a small car barely big enough for her guitars and her three backing singers. "We wanted to go home with some money," she says, "so the tour budget kept shrinking until we were sharing a room."

Not that she is complaining. Shocked lived in enough squats and slept in enough doorways when she was young to know better than to get too comfortable with stardom when it arrived in the late-1980s. Black cialis free sample, "I have never, ever, written songs to make money," she says. "It's something that I love to do. The fact that it becomes a recording is secondary, buy black cialis without prescription.

"I've weeded out all the tourists by now, order black cialis no prescription required. By now I probably have fans that I could put out a neo-Nazi album and they'd say, I sure didn't see that one coming'. When you stop being cool, that's when you can start calling people fans."

Her gospel album comes with a "womanifesto" that begins: "Ask me about my religion. Cheap price black cialis, Of course no-one ever does." But whether she is asked or not, the conversation returns again and again to her faith. Buy black cialis without prescription, Her political ideals, her feminism, her family relationships - all are expressed in the language of destiny and belief.

Fifteen years ago, Shocked was saved, at the charismatic Church Of God In Christ, close to her home in South Central Los Angeles, buy black cialis cheap. She went along for the singing, thinking that "this music would be so good if they'd just give that Jesus crap a rest", but then, to continue the well-worn story, No rx black cialis, "stayed one Sunday too often".

"When I made the altar call I was crying," she says. "It's almost like crawling across broken glass. The preacher said, This is the happiest day of your life', but it took me a long time to understand."

She soon joined the choir, as the only white woman in an African-American chorus, an occasional soloist with her own unofficial title: Sister Shocked, buy black cialis without prescription. "My sister said, Chelle, compare black cialis prices, you look like a grain of rice in a bag of chocolate chips'."

Shocked was born Karen Michelle Johnson, in Dallas in 1962. After her parents divorced, when she was three years old, Black cialis prescription, she was raised as the eldest of eight children by her mother and step-father, an "army brat" moving from base to base in the US and Germany. In her teens, the family returned to Kelsey - a one-church, one-store, one-cemetery town founded by Mormons in East Texas, cheap black cialis from canada, in the middle of beautiful Bush-backing nowhere.

Her father, "Dollar" Bill Johnson, was a part-time musician who taught her blues and folk songs on weekends and holidays, Black cialis us, but otherwise she was raised according to rigid Mormon dogma - no tea, no coffee, no fun on Sundays. Buy black cialis without prescription, "I was taught to be a racist. I believed God was racist," she remembers. As soon as she was old enough, buy black cialis lowest price, she ran away, ever further each time: to Dallas, to Austin, to San Francisco, Compare black cialis prices online, to New York, to Amsterdam, to Rome.

In San Francisco, she was arrested at a squatter's rights demonstration, given a shot of the now-discredited control drug Thorazine and taken to a psychiatric ward in handcuffs, find discount black cialis online. Not long after she was released, she suffered a "psychotic episode" and was committed to a second mental hospital, in Texas, by her own mother.

After a month of therapy, medication and electric-shock treatment, her family's health insurer declined to pay the bill and sent her home, buy black cialis without prescription. Black cialis buy online, This time, she left for good. She would not even speak to her mother for the next 25 years.

"I thought I had rejected religion whole qua, until I took the bad acid," she says, black cialis from india. "I was having apocalyptic, nihilistic visions that were part and parcel of the Mormon indoctrination of my youth. Buy black cialis without prescription, I was wandering around in the rapture. They got to me young and the more I tried to run, the more I tried to reject it. Cheap black cialis, It became an antithesis to the thesis. I looked at my idealism, sincerity, passion and commitment and realised that the source of it all was a profound need for spiritual succour."

Five years ago, she finally got back in touch with her family. "I'd already forgiven my mother many years prior but I just hadn't had the courage to let her know, purchase black cialis without prescription. So I called her up, buy black cialis without prescription. She was very gracious."

That bond has been re-established, but some wounds remain raw. "I get reports that my sister is basically pretending she doesn't know me," Shocked says, Compare black cialis prices online, with a tangible note of hurt in her voice. "She's embarrassed to know me. They're in East Texas and Bush plays really well there."

The record that lifted her up, out of the squat scene, away from fiddle festivals and hardcore punk gigs, was the Texas Campfire Tapes, black cialis online cheap. Buy black cialis without prescription, Englishman Pete Lawrence ran a tiny independent label, Cooking Vinyl. When he met Shocked at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Southern Texas, he was so entranced by her finger-picking guitar style, her beguiling voice, by turns pure and half-spoken, Buy generic black cialis online, and her unselfconscious, storytelling lyrics that he asked if he could record her performing. He only had a Walkman, running low on batteries, but it would have to do.

Lawrence claimed to be a writer for Folk Roots magazine, black cialis without rx, but when he got back to Britain he released the set as a live bootleg without her permission. The collection of songs, punctuated with banter and laughter, with grasshoppers chirping loudly in the background, Black cialis overnight shipping, became the surprise hit of 1986. It topped the indie charts, got hours of airplay on Radio 2 and earned Shocked a major label deal, but it didn't make her any less angry, buy black cialis without prescription.

Oddly enough, To Heaven U Ride was never supposed to be released either. When Shocked performed at the Telluride Blues Festival in 2003 she had a clause in her contract that forbade organisers from taping her set. No-one told the team in the recording truck, so they taped her anyway, order black cialis cheap online.

Three years later, Shocked listened back to the performance and was impressed with what she heard. Buy black cialis without prescription, For an artist so determined to retain control over her music, who likens taking Mercury Records to court in the mid-1990s to David's fight with Goliath; it was a confusing experience. Shocked is bitter that her wishes were ignored, but pleased with the results. Order black cialis no prescription required, "This is about control of my destiny, which is very much in God's hands," she offers. "The fact that he may use bootleggers and pirates to guide that destiny is obviously something I don't have a say in."

At the live show in New York, Shocked's rambling confessional stories threaten to eclipse the songs. Cover versions are chosen at the intersection of sacred and secular: Sister Rosetta Tharpe, drug black cialis online purchase, The Band, The Staple Singers and Billie Holiday. Stripped of a rhythm section, it is up to Shocked to provide the intensity, while her backing singers fill out the sound, buy black cialis without prescription.

One thing she does not talk about much, either on stage or in interviews, Black cialis buy online, is her sexuality. In 1989, at the New Music Awards, when she beat Tracy Chapman, the Indigo Girls and Phranc to the title of "Best Female Singer or Group", she accepted her trophy with a smile and an offhand comment: "This category should have been called Best Lesbian Vocalist'."

A year later, buy generic black cialis, she told Chicago's OutLines magazine that "it would have made all the difference had I grown up knowing that the reason I didn't fit in was because they hadn't told me there were more categories to fit into". She has remained a gay icon ever since, despite being married to music journalist and producer Bart Bull for a decade. "I have a lot of contradictions, Cheap black cialis overnight delivery, " she says. Buy black cialis without prescription, After her marriage disintegrated five years ago, Shocked fell "madly, passionately in love" with graphic artist David Willardson, whose Disney meets Pollock canvases are massively popular in Japan. They live in separate houses, a short drive apart in Los Angeles, and are working together on a collection of songs and paintings about iconic cultural figures: Audrey Hepburn, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O'Keefe and so on, cheapest black cialis prices.

She has reconciled her sexuality with her faith, despite occasionally encountering conservative, homophobic attitudes within the church. When a visiting pastor preached that the Bible clearly defines homosexuality as a sin, Black cialis online without a prescription, she collared him afterwards and made her views known, but more generally she has accepted that it's best to agree to disagree. "You cannot make a round peg like me fit into a square hole like organised religion," she says, "but there's lots of things that I can use."

When Shocked opposed the invasion of Iraq with characteristic vehemence, the response from a section of her audience was "ridicule, where to buy black cialis, hostility, outright rejection, people walking out of shows". She also found that booking gigs was suddenly much harder than it used to be, buy black cialis without prescription. However, Buy black cialis online without prescription, the experience has not tempered her willingness to say the unsayable. She is happy to suggest that the USA deserves to be a terrorist target, for instance, paraphrasing an infamous Malcolm X quote in the process. "September 11 was just chickens coming home to roost," she says, get black cialis. "The violence, the aggression, the inherent contradictions and the ultimate dysfunction of American society has led to this juncture."

Her anti-authoritarian world view remains much the same as it was when she was younger. Buy black cialis without prescription, What has changed is the nature of her activism. This radical feminist, who never missed a chance to attack political oppression, sexism or racial intolerance, has now concluded that power and wealth have become so concentrated that prayer, not revolution, is the only option.

She says: "Folks, you'd better start praying like hell. This is truly gonna take a miracle to sort out. The good people had better start calling on a superpower to resolve this thing that is beyond human power. Look to Mahatma Gandhi, look to the Reverend Martin Luther King, buy black cialis without prescription. They put the principle of non-violence to work. Power should not have ceded its authority without a bloody struggle, but it did."

Shocked remains a professionally awkward customer who never backs down from a confrontation on principle. She last tussled with security guards earlier this year, on a Southwest Airlines flight, when a jobsworth steward flexing his post-September 11 powers wouldn't let her sit on an exit row. "Move or I'll call the cops," he told her, so she refused, knowing she'd be thrown off the plane.

Is she more or less angry now that she is older and spiritually at peace. "Oh, I'm more angry, but I'm also more effective," she says. "I'm still angry, but I have a few more skills, a few more credit cards, a few more contacts and a lot more experience.".

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Buy Cialis Jelly Without Prescription

Buy cialis jelly without prescription, Professor: 67 percent of elderly are depressed; ECT could be a "useful treatment"
December 13, 2007
‘ECT — most useful to treat depression’
Daily Times, Lahore Pakistan

Staff Report

LAHORE: Despite all myths and misconceptions, electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) also known, as electric shock treatment, is most effective treatment to treat depression, said Dr Ashar Khan, Bond University, Australia.

He was delivering a lecture on ECT – An Evidence-based Approach on Monday at the University of Health Sciences (UHS), buy cialis jelly overnight delivery. Cialis jelly drug, UHS vice chancellor Prof Malik Hussain Mubashir, senior professors and postgraduate medical students attended the lecture, where to order cialis jelly. Order cheap cialis jelly online, Highlighting the history, types and procedure of ECT, cheap cialis jelly no rx, Cialis jelly discount, Dr Ashar said it had been shown clinically to be the most effective treatment of severe depression and to result in improved quality of life in both short and long-term. He said ECT was also being used in the treatment of mania, drug cialis jelly, Cialis jelly us, catatonia, schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease, cialis jelly in us.

Dr Ashar said it was widely accepted that ECT did not cause brain damage, though its side effects included confusion and memory loss around the time period of the treatment, buy cialis jelly without prescription. Online cialis jelly, He maintained that the treatment was also safe during pregnancy.

He informed the audience that ECT was generally reserved for use as a second-line treatment for patients who had not responded to drugs, order discount cialis jelly. Cialis jelly prescription, The first-line use of treatment, he said, cheapest cialis jelly price, Cialis jelly in uk, was for situations where immediate clinical intervention needed or alternative treatments were not advisable. Its effectiveness had not been demonstrated in substance abuse, cialis jelly online pharmacy, Canadian cialis jelly, anxiety or personality disorders, he added, buy cialis jelly generic. Buy cialis jelly without prescription, Dr Ashar said hundreds of thousands of people across the world had received ECT every year, usually in a course of 6-12 treatments administered 2 or 3 times a week. Cialis jelly free sample, After the treatment, he said, cialis jelly from india, Find cialis jelly without prescription, drug therapy could be continued and some patients received continuation/maintenance ECT.

Prof Malik said about 67 percent elderly people in Pakistan were suffering from depression, cialis jelly in australia. Canadian pharmacy cialis jelly, He said for these people ECT could be a useful treatment. He said ECT was useful in ischemic heart diseases than tricyclic anti-depressants, cialis jelly generic. Cialis jelly online without prescription, Prof Haroon and Prof Riaz Bhatti also spoke on the occasion. No rx cialis jelly. Lowest price cialis jelly. Order cialis jelly on internet. Buy cialis jelly from india. Cialis jelly purchase. Buy cheapest cialis jelly on line. Cialis jelly uk. Cost cialis jelly. Buy cheapest cialis jelly. Cialis jelly pharmacy online. Buy cialis jelly without prescription. Cheap cialis jelly in canada. Find discount cialis jelly online. Purchase cialis jelly without prescription. Buy cheap cialis jelly internet. Cialis jelly pills.

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Buy cialis soft tabs without prescription, NZPA | Tuesday, 27 November 2007

A committee of MPs says electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) should only be used as a treatment of last resort.

Under ECT, specialised medical equipment is used to induce an epileptic seizure by passing a small electrical current across the brain. Cialis soft tabs cost, Parliament's health select committee has been considering a petition by doctor Helen Smith who wants ECT to be voluntary, and its use with children, best price cialis soft tabs, Cialis soft tabs sales, pregnant women and the elderly either banned or severely restricted.

Dr Smith argued the elderly should be given the opportunity to formally decline ECT prior to becoming elderly or unwell, sale cialis soft tabs. Cheapest generic cialis soft tabs, She also said there should be stricter regulatory reporting and controls in place for ECT use.

The health select committee, order cialis soft tabs without prescription, Find cialis soft tabs online, in its report on Dr Smith's petition, has agreed with her in some areas, cialis soft tabs without prescription.

It recommended that ECT "should only be used as a treatment of last resort when all other options have been considered", buy cialis soft tabs without prescription. Cost of cialis soft tabs, It said the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists should urgently developing its guidelines into a national professional standard.

The circumstances for a patient to be required to undergo ECT should be more restricted, buy cialis soft tabs no rx, Cialis soft tabs buy drug, it said.

The committee also recommended the Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992 be amended to ensure ECT was administered only with a patient's consent where this was possible, buy cialis soft tabs online cheap. Purchase cialis soft tabs, Where this was not possible it should be administered on the basis of a "truly independent second opinion" from certifying clinicians that were not attached to the institution from which the first opinion was obtained. Buy cialis soft tabs without prescription, A majority on the committee recommended ECT be administered to pregnant women with informed consent only in cases of emergency where there was no other option available.

It wanted data on the rate ECT was administered to pregnant women to be collected and reported annually, cialis soft tabs tablet. Cheap cialis soft tabs tablet, It said ECT should only be administered to children and young people "where in the opinion of certifying clinicians there is no other option available".

The majority of the committee recommended that consideration be given to requiring an order under the Protection of Personal Property Rights Act when ECT was administered to the elderly, buy cialis soft tabs on line, Cialis soft tabs free delivery, because of its presumption of competence and the least restrictive intervention.

The majority on the committee also recommended that where patients had made valid advance directives that they did not wish to undergo ECT, cheap cialis soft tabs on internet, Buy cialis soft tabs us, that these directives should be given effect.

ECT is used to treat severe depression and some other mental disorders, buy cialis soft tabs without prescription.

Side effects include headaches, overnight cialis soft tabs, Cheap cialis soft tabs internet, muscle aches or soreness, nausea, cialis soft tabs medicine, Cheap cialis soft tabs in usa, confusion and memory loss.

Critics condemn its use but the Ministry of Health says it is a valuable and sometimes life-saving treatment, cialis soft tabs cheap drug. Order cialis soft tabs, The Ministry of Health said 70 to 80 per cent of patients who received ECT responded to it well.

In 2004/05, purchase cialis soft tabs online, Cialis soft tabs non prescription, 307 people received ECT. Buy cialis soft tabs without prescription, In the 2003/04 year, 305 received it.

Disproportionately more women than men received ECT and the committee was not given a satisfactory reason why this was the case, buy cialis soft tabs cheap. No prescription cialis soft tabs, While no statistics were given, the college of psychiatrists said it was rare to treat pregnant women with ECT, order cialis soft tabs from us. Cheapest cialis soft tabs, In the 2003/04, 2004/05 and 2005/06 years five, order cialis soft tabs no prescription, Cialis soft tabs prices, two and one person under the age of 20 received ECT treatment.

The elderly were the main group to receive ECT, cialis soft tabs online review.

The committee said in its report, tabled in Parliament today, that it was concerned about wide regional variations in its use, buy cialis soft tabs without prescription. Buy cialis soft tabs canada, Some district health boards were administering as many as 18 treatments as part of a course of ECT, when guidelines stated six to 10 treatments, buy cialis soft tabs on internet. Cialis soft tabs for sale, "Given it is a controversial treatment, we consider it is essential that ECT be governed by a national standard and not by just guidelines, cheap cialis soft tabs from uk, Lowest price for cialis soft tabs, " the committee said.

The National Party had a minority view included in the committee's report on the petition, cialis soft tabs rx.

It felt the use of ECT was "an important life-saving treatment option that must remain available to clinicians".

It said ECT was already generally a treatment of last resort, and there was "a very real risk of suicide" if the patient were left untreated.

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CVMC seeks OK for shock therapy

Buy female cialis without prescription, November 5, 2007

BERLIN – Central Vermont Medical Center is seeking state approval to provide electroconvulsive therapy to a small number of psychiatric patients so they can receive treatment closer to home.

"On the average, order female cialis cheap online, Lowest price for female cialis, CVMC has been treating six to 12 patients a year who are subsequently sent to Dartmouth or Fletcher Allen for electroconvulsive therapy, so the ability to have this in the community is important, order female cialis no rx, Female cialis internet, " said Dr. Peter Thomashow, purchase female cialis overnight delivery, Female cialis in bangkok, CVMC's medical director of inpatient psychiatry.

Once referred to as electroshock, female cialis no rx, Order female cialis from canada, the treatment now called ECT has changed substantially and been refined since it was first introduced in the early 1940s.

"Generally, buy generic female cialis, Order discount female cialis, this is a treatment reserved for patients with severe depression, depression with psychotic features and sometimes for very agitated depressions, female cialis in uk. It is rarely used first-line," Thomashow said, explaining that in most cases psychiatrists turn to it only after drug therapy has proven unsuccessful or in situations where the depression is life-threatening, buy female cialis without prescription. Cheap generic female cialis, No patients from Vermont State Hospital or the Vermont Department of Corrections will be treated if approval is granted for CVMC, Thomashow said, female cialis vendors. Best price female cialis, Thomashow cited "lethal catatonia" as an example of a life-threatening condition where electroconvulsive therapy might be used as a first-line treatment. "Someone in severe catatonia can be so impaired that they don't eat or drink, purchase female cialis online, Buy female cialis us, they don't move," he said, cheap female cialis from uk. Generic female cialis cheap, "ECT is the most effective treatment for this kind of catatonia."

All patients who come to the unit for care will get a comprehensive screening, including "a full battery of blood tests to rule out any possible medical causes for their depression, buy female cialis from us. Buy female cialis without prescription, Sometimes, patients will get a CT scan or an MRI of the brain to rule out any medical condition such as a brain tumor that could cause their depression," he said. Buying female cialis, For many, the public image of ECT comes from the movie of Ken Kesey's "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, cost of female cialis, Cheap female cialis no prescription, " in which actor Jack Nicholson undergoes the process. But both the equipment and the sophistication of its use have changed considerably, female cialis tablet. Female cialis alternative, Thomashow and the other two psychiatrists at CVMC, Dr, discount female cialis without prescription. Female cialis from canada, Kenneth Adler and Dr. Paul Cameron, had a weeklong fellowship at Columbia University School of Medicine, where much of the research in ultra-brief unilateral electroconvulsive therapy – the kind that CVMC plans to use – has been done, buy female cialis without prescription. The nursing staff has also gone through training, female cialis rx. Female cialis cheap drug, "The ultra-brief unilateral ETC is a fairly recent development," Thomashow said, buy female cialis in us, Find female cialis, explaining that the machine CVMC purchased is able to deliver stimulus to just one side of the brain, which "has far less side effects and is much better tolerated than bilateral (both sides of the brain) ETC."

Jim Tautfest, real female cialis without prescription, Order female cialis no prescription, the nurse director of inpatient psychiatry, noted that the new machines can be adjusted to a variety of pulse-widths, female cialis no online prescription, Cheap female cialis overnight delivery, frequencies and durations of stimulus. This flexibility enables the psychiatrist to provide effective treatment with fewer side effects, find discount female cialis. Female cialis professional, The most common side effect is short-term, and in some cases also long-term, buy female cialis lowest price, Cheap female cialis pill, memory loss. Buy female cialis without prescription, The degree of memory loss is the subject of substantial debate.

The decision to use electroconvulsive therapy will be made by a treatment team, buy female cialis overnight delivery, Female cialis online without a prescription, Thomashow said, and will include extensive records reviews, consultation with the primary care physician and interviews with the patient and his family, along with a full medical work-up.

With a patient who presents special concerns, Thomashow said, tests will be done to determine if electroconvulsive therapy will work or pose problems. Elderly patients will get cardiograms, and patients over 50 will get chest X-rays. A patient who has had a recent heart attack would not receive electroconvulsive therapy, Thomashow noted.

He added that "there's a very detailed informed consent process that is supervised by the state of Vermont, buy female cialis without prescription. There's quite a lot of oversight and regulation." Patients and families will be shown an informational videotape produced by Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and will discuss the risks and benefits of electroconvulsive therapy before consenting to the treatment.

"There's no question that it's a very effective treatment in the right individual," Thomashow said, offering benefits to some "individuals who have suffered for prolonged periods of time, whose lives have changed and who have not been able to function."

CVMC's application is the first the Department of Mental Health will act on since the Legislature charged it in 2000 with oversight. Fletcher Allen Health Care, White River Junction VA Medical Center and Retreat Healthcare in Brattleboro are already providing ECT.

Dr. Buy female cialis without prescription, Bill McMains, the medical director of the Department of Mental Health, said officials will conduct a review to make sure that the hospital's standards for ECT comply with national standards, as well as meet extra state requirements to ensure "the safety of the person and making sure that people are adequately educated about what they're doing."

Vermont has "a very in-depth consent form" that hospitals must agree to use in order to get certified, he added. The form was developed through two years of negotiations with treatment experts and hospitals that were delivering electroconvulsive therapy at the time. McMains noted that Rep. Anne Donahue, R-Northfield, who follows mental health issues closes, was "very much a party" to developing the document.

The form, which all Vermont hospitals must use, requires that hospitals obtain the patient's consent after every 12 treatments. "So a person doesn't give 'forever' consent," McMains observed. "It's only good for 12 treatments, and then you have to go over it and get consent for any more.".

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Buy Clomid Without Prescription

Buy clomid without prescription, Christian Hageseth just can't seem to stay out of trouble. Order clomid from canada, It seemed certain that things couldn't get any worse for the Colorado man when he was caught prescribing medications online - in violation of the terms of his restricted medical license - and a California teenager died. The former psychiatrist, order discount clomid, Clomid without rx, who once billed himself as the "compassionate" ECT doc, was finally out of business and surrendered his medical license, drug clomid online purchase, Find clomid without prescription, admitting he knew he had violated the restrictions.

But Karma - and California prosecutors - weren't quite done: in October, discount clomid no rx, Canadian clomid, he was arrested in Nebraska and later extradited to California to face a felony charge of practicing medicine without a license..

After years of scandal and lawsuits that reached theatrical levels, cheap clomid internet, Clomid tablet, Hageseth lost his Colorado medical license. The licensing board ruled he had violated ethical standards by romancing a patient, which resulted in the destruction of two marriages, buy clomid without prescription. He was kicked out of the American Psychiatric Association, clomid rx. Buying clomid, He fought to regain his license and won a partial victory: his medical license was reinstated, with severe restrictions, clomid sales. Order clomid online, Those restrictions basically limited his practice of medicine to research and he told the board he had accepted a position at a pharmaceutical research clinic.

Apparently the research position did not work out and Hageseth began prescribing medications at an online pharmacy, cheap clomid on internet. Buy clomid without prescription, When quoted in the media after the young man died, he complained that the internet pharmacy was the "last possible thing" he could do in medicine and that he was now poor and unemployed. Clomid without prescription, Whether he thought he wouldn't get caught, he misunderstood the terms of his restricted medical license, clomid prices, Cheap clomid from usa, thought the Internet didn't count, or in some other way justified his actions in his own mind, lowest price clomid, Purchase clomid overnight delivery, only he could possibly know. He likely could have continued to quietly write prescriptions to anonymous patients online had it all not turned deadly in 2005, cheap clomid without prescription. Cheap clomid overnight delivery, That's when he wrote a prescription for Prozac to a depressed teenager he never met.

A year earlier the FDA ordered antidepressant manufacturers to include a "black box warning" on the packaging and issued a public health advisory, clomid online pharmacy, Get clomid, warning the medical community of an increased suicide risk in children and teens who take the medications. The advisory stressed the need for "close monitoring of patients as a way of managing the risk of suicidality."

The teenager committed suicide after taking the Prozac prescribed by Hageseth, buy clomid without prescription.

When attorneys for the young man's family began investigating the online pharmacy, generic clomid online, Cheapest generic clomid online, they discovered Hageseth's little secret: his license restrictions prohibited him from prescribing medications.

On August 12, buy discount clomid online, Buy clomid online, 2005, ten days after John McKay committed suicide, order clomid in canada, Cheapest clomid, Christian Hageseth signed documents with the Colorado licensing board stating that he admitted he prescribed medications via the Internet in violation of the restrictions on his medical license.

The McKays filed suit, free clomid, Buy clomid online cheap, and Hageseth was back in the news. Instead of expressing sympathy for the boy's family, order clomid cheap online, Cheap clomid online, he complained to the media that this was the last job he could get (medically at least - McDonald's is still hiring), that he was "poor" and "unemployed."

That would have been the end of the saga, order no rx clomid, Approved clomid pharmacy, but officials in California, where the young man lived, find cheap clomid online, Clomid overnight, were not going to let it slide. Buy clomid without prescription, They filed criminal charges against Hageseth, for practicing medicine without a license.

A legal tug of war insued, buy clomid on line, Compare clomid prices online, with California issuing an arrest warrant, but Hageseth's attorney fought extradition and Hageseth remained free, clomid online stores.

Then he was stopped for speeding in Sidney, Nebraska.

When the police officer checked the computer, he saw the arrest warrant and Hageseth found himself in the Cheyenne County (Nebraska) jail. He was released, then returned to jail until he was extradited to California after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger approved a special request from prosecutors, buy clomid without prescription.

Bail was originally set at half a million dollars, then reduced to $250,000. He has apparently been released from jail, though details concerning who paid his bond are not known. According to jail officials, release from jail would have required a non-refundable cash payment of $25,000 or property in the amount of $500,000 being used as bond.


Christian Hageseth medical license surrender order

Christian Hageseth medical license restrictions order

Links to legal discussions:

Is it a Crime to Prescribe Medication in Cyberspace.
A California Court Says It May Be, If the Prescriber Is Not Licensed by the Relevant State, and Has Not Met His Patient Web Prescription Tests California Medical License Law.

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Buy Levitra Without Prescription

Buy levitra without prescription, Colo. Buy levitra, doctor extradited to Calif. over illegal Web prescription
The Associated Press
11/30/2007 12:39:19 AM PST

REDWOOD CITY, find levitra no prescription required, Cheap levitra on internet, Calif.—A Colorado doctor accused of illegally prescribing Prozac for a Stanford student who later committed suicide has been extradited to San Mateo County to faces charges.

Dr, levitra approved. Levitra overnight delivery, Christian Hageseth III was extradited from Nebraska, where he was recently arrested during a traffic stop, buy levitra online. He was scheduled to enter a plea Friday to one count of practicing medicine without a license, but the matter was delayed until Dec 4, buy levitra without prescription. Levitra india, Authorities say Hageseth prescribed Prozac for John McKay through the online pharmacy At the time, price of levitra, Drug levitra, Hageseth's restricted medical license did not allow him to give prescriptions.

Two months later, levitra overnight, Levitra cost, McKay killed himself and was found with alcohol and the drug in his system.

McKay's parents, cheapest levitra price, Levitra online sale, David and Sheila, also sued the doctor and pharmacy, levitra pills, Cheap levitra no rx, alleging negligence and wrongful death, but the lawsuit was dismissed, fda approved levitra. Levitra in malaysia. Buy cheap levitra online. Levitra free delivery. Cheapest generic levitra. Levitra sale. Approved levitra pharmacy. Cheap levitra in uk. Cheap levitra tablet. Cheapest levitra prices. Levitra. Levitra cheapest price. Cheap levitra from canada. Levitra online cheap. Levitra cheap price. Find levitra on internet. Lowest price levitra. Buy levitra online without prescription. Levitra pharmacy online. Levitra online. Cheap levitra. Cheap levitra online. Levitra price. Find no rx levitra. Buy levitra on line.

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Buy Tramadol Without Prescription

Buy tramadol without prescription, Doc pleads not guilty to practicing sans license
Colorado physician accused of prescribing Prozac online

By Michael Manekin, STAFF WRITER

San Mateo County Times

REDWOOD CITY — A Colorado doctor accused of filling an online Prozac prescription for a Stanford student who later committed suicide pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges that he practiced medicine without a California license. Tramadol drug, Dr. Christian Hageseth, buy cheapest tramadol on line, Tramadol order, 46, was extradited last week from Nebraska, tramadol without a prescription, Buy discount tramadol, where he had been cited for speeding, and was being held in San Mateo County jail in lieu of $500, buy tramadol generic, Buy tramadol cheap, 000 bail.

Moments after Hageseth entered his plea, cheap tramadol from usa, Low price tramadol, a Superior Court judge lowered his bail to

$250,000, buy tramadol online australia, Find cheap tramadol, explaining that the doctor may still pose a threat to the public, but never illegally dodged criminal charges in San Mateo County, buy cheap tramadol internet. Discount tramadol online, County prosecutors have tried to bring Hageseth to justice since filing charges in May 2006. But Hageseth has long fought county prosecutors'attempts to extradite him, claiming that filling a drug prescription from Colorado via the Internet grants him immunity from charges that he illegally practiced medicine in California, buy tramadol without prescription.

Superior Court Judge Barbara Mallach said Tuesday that Hageseth never "eluded authorities" when he fought extradition to San Mateo County, cheapest tramadol. Tramadol tablets, Rather, the physician was merely "using his legal remedies" to fight the charges against him, tramadol buy. Cheap price tramadol, Then, she cut the doctor's bail in half, cheap tramadol tablets. Order tramadol from us, Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Ow said outside of court that she was relieved that the judge didn't set bail any lower. Buy tramadol without prescription, "(Two-hundred fifty thousand dollars) is still a significant amount of money, and hopefully it will
ensure that if the defendant is able to post (bail), then he will continue to appear in court," Ow said.

If the judge slashed Hageseth's bail even further, cheap tramadol without prescription, Tablet tramadol, prosecutors would have been concerned that the doctor might leave the state, Ow said, discount tramadol no rx. Tramadol generic, Defense attorney Anthony Gibbs assured the judge in court that his client "has every probability of returning for trial." He then told the judge that the physician had voluntarily surrendered his license to practice medicine in Colorado, adding "it would be ludicrous to think that Dr, tramadol prescription. Overnight tramadol, Hageseth will go out and fill prescriptions."

In June 2005 Hageseth prescribed generic Prozac online to 19-year-old John McKay, a freshman at Stanford University, find discount tramadol online. Tramadol buy online, On Aug. 2, 2005, McKay committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, reportedly with alcohol and the generic Prozac in his bloodstream, buy tramadol without prescription.

McKay linked up with Hageseth through a Web site called, buy cheap tramadol, Where to buy tramadol, an Internet portal advertising prescription drugs. Unlike visits with a conventional doctor, no rx tramadol, Tramadol free sample, patients who visit the online pharmacy do not submit to a physical examination. Instead, order tramadol online, Order cheap tramadol online, prospective buyers fill out an online questionnaire which a doctor is supposed to review before prescribing the medication.

Hageseth filled the prescription of generic Prozac for McKay without a consultation, find tramadol online, Order cheap tramadol, according to prosecutors. Buy tramadol without prescription, The California medical board investigated the incident and urged the San Mateo County District Attorney's Office to file criminal charges. Nearly a year after McKay's death, tramadol us, Online tramadol, prosecutors charged Hageseth with one count of practicing without a state medical license.

Hageseth's lawyers filed a motion in Superior Court to try to get the case dismissed on the grounds that the state court lacked jurisdiction to try the doctor under state law, order tramadol in us, Buy tramadol internet, but a judge refused the request. The attorneys then appealed the decision; however, tramadol online without prescription, a state Appeals Court ruled in May that county prosecutors could try the doctor.

Defense attorney Carlton Briggs has argued that if Hageseth is convicted, many more out-of-state physicians prescribing medication online in California would be vulnerable to prosecution.

However, Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe argues that the case against Hageseth will not "open up doors to additional prosecution .., buy tramadol without prescription. because, whatever the outcome, it will send a message to any doctor who is thinking prescribing drugs online is a lucrative business."

Meanwhile, David and Sheila McKay have filed a civil lawsuit in federal court against Hageseth and two companies affiliated with the online pharmacy, alleging negligence and wrongful death of their 19-year-old son. A federal judge in the state's Northern District dismissed the suit in September, but the McKays have appealed the ruling.

Sheila McKay said outside of court Tuesday that a criminal conviction for Hageseth represents an opportunity to send a clear message to online pharmacies and doctors that "it's not OK to churn out prescriptions to young people."

Hageseth is scheduled to return to the Hall of Justice on Dec. 19 to set a preliminary hearing date. He faces up to three years in state prison and a $10,000 fine if convicted.

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Buy levitra jelly without prescription, Doctor extradited to face charges in patient's suicide
By Coloradoan staff

Dec. 1, levitra jelly prices, Order levitra jelly overnight delivery, 2007

Dr. Christian Hageseth III of Fort Collins has been extradited to California to face charges that he illegally prescribed Prozac for a Stanford student who later committed suicide, discount levitra jelly overnight delivery. Levitra jelly no prescription, Hageseth, a psychiatrist, discount levitra jelly, Buy levitra jelly pills, was to enter a plea Friday in San Mateo County, Calif., free levitra jelly, Canadian pharmacy levitra jelly, to one an count of practicing medicine without a license. However, buy levitra jelly without prescription, Buy levitra jelly from canada, the judge delayed the hearing until Tuesday so that she could consider defense motions filed earlier this week regarding Hageseth's bond.

Hageseth is expected to enter a not-guilty plea to the charge, San Mateo County Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said, buy levitra jelly without prescription.

Hageseth was extradited from Nebraska, levitra jelly purchase, Low cost levitra jelly, where in October he was arrested near Sidney during a traffic stop.

Authorities say Hageseth prescribed Prozac for John McKay through the online pharmacy, levitra jelly for order. Levitra jelly online review, At the time, Hageseth’s restricted medical license did not allow him to give prescriptions, sale levitra jelly. Compare levitra jelly prices online, Two months later, McKay killed himself, order generic levitra jelly. Buy levitra jelly without prescription, He was found with alcohol and the drug in his system. Levitra jelly medication, Hageseth lost his license in Colorado in 1999 due to a relationship that led to his marriage to a former patient, Laurel Burson, buy levitra jelly on internet. Buy no rx levitra jelly, However, in 2001, order levitra jelly in canada, Order no rx levitra jelly, the state Court of Appeals reversed the Colorado State Board of Medical Examiners decision and reinstated Hageseth’s medical license. Still, generic levitra jelly, Buy levitra jelly low price, under the conditions of his reinstated license, he was not allowed to write prescriptions, levitra jelly uk. Buy levitra jelly once daily, Hageseth is being held on $500,000 bond, cheap levitra jelly internet. Purchase levitra jelly. Generic levitra jelly online. Levitra jelly from india. Buying levitra jelly online. Levitra jelly non prescription. Levitra jelly online sales. Levitra jelly information. Levitra jelly malaysia. Levitra jelly without rx. Levitra jelly online stores. Best price for levitra jelly. Purchase levitra jelly without prescription. Buy levitra jelly no rx.

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Buy Propecia Without Prescription

Buy propecia without prescription, Fugitive doctor jailed

By Michelle Durand
The Daily Journal, San Mateo County, California

Nov. Propecia canada, 26, 2007

The Colorado doctor facing prosecution for filling a Stanford student’s online Prozac prescription prior to the teen committing suicide is back in San Mateo County after failing to fight extradition from Nebraska where he was recently arrested on a traffic charge, propecia sales. Cheapest generic propecia online, Dr. Christian Ellis Hageseth III, order propecia on internet, Propecia in australia, 66, will appear in court Nov, order propecia no prescription required. Propecia side effects, 30 to enter a plea and hear a defense motion to reduce his $500,000 bail, propecia discount.

Hageseth had been in custody in Cheyenne County, Neb, buy propecia without prescription. Low cost propecia, while awaiting extradition back to California on a $500,000 arrest warrant, propecia us. Propecia internet, Hageseth’s defense attorney Carl Briggs hoped his client could avoid extradition as he had on an earlier warrant seeking his transport from Colorado. However, propecia approved, Cheap propecia in usa, Hageseth lost his legal battle last week and is now in the Maguire Correctional Facility in Redwood City awaiting prosecution on one count of practicing medicine without a license.

In June 2005, propecia generic, Propecia cheap price, John McKay, a freshman at Stanford University and former student at Menlo-Atherton High School, cheap propecia tablets, Discount propecia online, purchased 90 capsules of generic Prozac via credit card at the online pharmacy site which was then shipped from the Mississippi-based Gruich Pharmacy Shoppe. Buy propecia without prescription, Online sites like the one used by McKay do not require a physical examination prior to receiving a prescription. Instead, cheapest propecia prices, Buy discount propecia, the buyer fills out an online questionnaire which a doctor is supposed to review before signing off on the drugs. Hageseth signed off on the prescription of fluoxetine without a consultation, buy no rx propecia. Propecia professional, On Aug. 2, propecia purchase, Cheap propecia pharmacy, 2005, McKay committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, propecia no rx, Cheap propecia pill, reportedly with alcohol and fluoxetine in his system.

At the time of McKay’s online purchase, Hageseth was not allowed to fill prescriptions because he had a restricted medical license because of an unrelated relationship with a patient he later married, buy propecia without prescription.

The following February, propecia side effects, Cheap propecia from uk, McKay’s parents, David and Sheila, purchase propecia, Cheap generic propecia, filed a federal lawsuit against Hageseth and the pharmacies, alleging negligence and wrongful death, buy cheap propecia. Best price propecia, That lawsuit has now been dismissed.

Meanwhile, buy propecia us, Order cheap propecia, the Medical Board of California launched its own investigation and the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office filed criminal charges last May.

Instead of coming to California, no prescription propecia, Cheap propecia in canada, Hageseth began a legal battle to remain in Colorado. Briggs has consistently maintained his client is not on the lam because he cannot legally be prosecuted when he wasn’t physically in the state when the prescription was issued, propecia pharmacy. Propecia tablets, A state Appeals Court recently ruled that Hageseth can be prosecuted in this state and local prosecutors expected him to voluntarily surrender.

Instead, propecia free sample, Propecia buy online, in October, Sidney, propecia online without a prescription, Neb. police stopped him for allegedly speeding and learned of his outstanding arrest warrant.

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