Lawsuits involving ECT

ECT in Texas
Were you treated in a Texas hospital between 1993-2001? If so, please consider filling out this important form for an ongoing investigation of Texas hospitals and ECT.

Shock therapy patients to sue
Psychiatrists set to mount defense of ECT

UK settlement
UK man is awarded half a million pounds in lawsuit settlement, after ECT leaves him paralyzed and with speech difficulties.

Electric shock suit condemns hospital
Lucille Ashby's fatal journey through California's mental health system began in 1997, when a Tehama County judge found her incompetent to stand trial for hitting her husband on the head with a sugar bowl. The 77-year-old woman's life ended five months later, following what her daughters describe as a nightmarish odyssey.

Starting in May
A strange lawsuit will start mid-May in St. Louis. The plaintiff requested outpatient ECT after viewing the Max Fink video, and ended up shooting a police officer. Stay tuned for this strange story as it unfolds.

Mecta pays up!
Manufacturer Mecta settles a lawsuit. Details are few due to a gag order, but doctors are warning not to use Mecta Model D, still in use around the world.

Model files suit
Former Playboy model says ECT ruined her life.

Ontario lawsuit
Local shock treatment victim Wayne Lax is giving his support to a woman in Montreal who is suing the federal government.

Soldier sues
A Canadian soldier is suing the federal attorney general and the two doctors, saying he may lose his job because of the treatment.

Nurse wins lawsuit
A nurse who was assisting an ECT session won a lawsuit against the physician after he accidentally shocked her arm while chatting with another nurse. Oddly enough, the doctor had been barred from practicing anesthesiology from the hospital, but apparently still allowed to shock patients. What's with that?