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Final: The bill went to the Missouri Senate as part of SB266, where it went to committee. There, it was stripped off the bill. Sen. Betty Sims opposed the bill, saying it was too "controversial." I honestly fail to understand why data collection is controversial and Sen. Betty Sims disappoints me. I thought our elected officials went into office to do the right thing, not avoid controversy.

Older update:
Missouri HB134, which would require ECT reporting, has now passed out of the Children, Families, and Health Committee, with a vote of 10 to 1.

The dissenting voter was Rep. Vicky Riback Wilson.

Four members were not present.

Next, the bill must be pushed to the floor for a vote, or may be tacked onto another bill.

Your letters and phone calls are still needed to get this bill passed.

Thank you so much to the many people who have supported this important bill.

Previous info on the bill:

Thanks to Rep. Harold Selby (he's a hero!), the Missouri House of Representatives are considering HB134, which would require reporting of ECT. Yes, folks, Missourians mean it when they say "SHOW ME."

Even though I'm a lifelong Illinoisan, those of us who live in Metro East (considered St. Louis suburbs) kind of share a foot on the other side of the river. I'm sorry I don't vote in Missouri, because Rep. Selby would get MY VOTE in a heartbeat. We need this bill and we need it now. We need bills like this in every state. We need a federal bill that would mandate reporting. See the stats page on this site for more information on why we need this. You can also take a look at the stats that do exist and see how we don't even know how many people have ECT annually! That 100,000 - 200,000 number you hear? It's a GUESS because only a few states keep any records. The National Mental Health Association recently issued an official policy statement recommending a national version of this.

Here's a story Channel 11 in St. Louis did on April 2, 2001. (Need Real Player)

What can you do to help? Write an email (or fax or snail mail) to the members of the Missouri House of Representatives Children, Families and Health Committee. The bill is still in committee and representatives need to know why this bill is so important. Patients need to have access to statistics so they can make an informed decision. If you have a personal story about ECT, please share it with them, pro or con.

Here is a listing of the committee members. Please consider sending them an email and expressing your support of HB134. And while you're at it, send Rep. Harold Selby a big THANK YOU for his hard work.

Barry, Joan, Chair
Selby, Harold R., Vice Chair
Coleman, Maida J.
Curls, Melba J.
Fraser, Barbara
Hilgemann, Robert
Holand, Roy W.
Hunter, Steve
Kelly, Van
King, Jerry R
May, Bob
Monaco, Ralph A.
Phillips, Susan C.
Reid, Michael J
Wilson, Vicky Riback

Click here if you would like phone numbers or snail mail addresses.