NAMI and censorship

The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill continues to censor the information it gives to the public and to its members.

A few years ago, I had a spirited email exchange with a NAMI board member over the fact that they continued to publish a statistic about electroshock that was made up. The person who made it up ADMITTED it, yet NAMI continued to put out this statistic as fact. I repeatedly asked this board member why they continued to promote misinformation such as that.

His response was that it was more important to make sure people weren't scared off by electroshock, even if it meant lying.

This is the same organization that sent tips and tricks to its members on getting "help" for a mentally ill relative. One of the "tips" was to turn over the furniture and trash a room, then call the police and tell them the ill relative did it.

Dan E. Weisburd is speaking out. He was the editor of one of NAMI's publications until he crossed the line and dared speak the truth. Not only was he fired, but NAMI had a group of "mentally ill clients" spend time gluing pages of the publication together so that members couldn't read what Weisburd had written.

Here are the two articles that NAMI wanted censored. God forbid people would find out that the new and improved antipsychotics can cause elevations in cholesterol, or that the figures regarding mental illness and violence are not substantiated. (Gee, there's that funny thing they've got going about using false statistics where it will suit their political agenda!)

So read them in all their glory, and god bless freedom of speech.

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