My brother Adam is currently being held as a prisoner in a State Psychiatric Hospital. He doesn't want to be there, the family does not want him there, but for reasons I do not understand, the hospital is being allowed to forcibly contain him. I thought the Law in America was " Innocent until proven guilty " but in my brother's case, he is being punished before he commits the crime. The reasoning behind this is that one day, maybe, Adam could do harm to someone or to himself. There is no reason for this speculation, for Adam is not of violent nature. I'm his sister, I grew up with him, I should know. However Adam does suffer from A Mental Illness called Schizophrenia, and people have a tendency to be afraid of things they don't understand,

This crippling fear of the unknown is what Psychiatrists use to gain power not only to hold someone captive without any validation but also to make that person undergo an experimental treatment that causes severe side effects, such as permanent memory loss, an inability to learn new skills or retain new information; In general loss of intellect.

My brothers' biggest gift from God is his intellect, his amazing ability to learn and memorize things quicker than anyone I've ever known. It defines who he is. Loosing that could drive him to suicide.

The Doctors justification for feeling that they have a right to force Adam to undergo this treatment regardless, is that it is the only thing, that they know, that may help him. However there is no scientific proof that ECT works, and it seems that the risks out weigh the benefits.

I did some research regarding alternative treatments and it turns out that there are plenty of promising treatments worth trying, that have proven to work for many people, Psychotherapy, of course, is the main one; my family has already found a doctor in our area who has experience working with patients suffering from Schizophrenia, and he is waiting for Adam to be released from the hospital in order to start therapy.

The others are Dietary and Lifestyle changes, as well as specific Nutritional Supplements that correct a deficiency and create a more optimal biochemical environment, I have personally spoken with people who have had the chance to use some or all of these treatments and they are leading full and productive lives, This gives me a lot of hope for Adam, if only he has the chance to try these treatments.

At this point he is in a hospital where he is receiving no treatment at all, and that is what is most frustrating about this situation; While the hospital is fighting for rights to control and limit Adam's treatment options, my brother's mental health is deteriorating; None therefore can convince me that they have their best intentions in mind for Adam.