All ECT subjects vs normal volunteers on cognitive tests
  ECT subjects Volunteers 
Personal remote memory38.840.5P <.05
Logical memory9.512.5P <.001
Famous personalities   
from past 1960s11.614.4P <.001
1970s13.915.8P <.001
Verbal memory sensitivity2.74.0P <.001
Face-name connection5.77.1P <.02
Decision time (m/secs)445.6353.7P <.001
Movement time (m/secs)365.9258.3P <.001

(t test independent)
There were non-significant differences on:
Delayed recall, Delayed recognition, Famous personalities from past 1930s, 40s and 50s, Verbal learning, Spatial positional learning, Visual design learning, Anomalous sentence repetition, Perceptual aptitude, Incidental visual memory.

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