From Quebec Science Journal
Translated from French

These statistics are from the Quebec public health insurance board

  • From 1988 to 1995, ECT treatments increased by 80%.

  • Women received two thirds of ECT treatments.

  • 865 ECT treatments to persons 75 and older.

  • 101 to persons 85 and older.

  • The journal reports there has been a big return to ECT in the U.S., affecting a growing number of aging persons, and also young persons, as young as 8 years old.

  • They refer to a study in New England Journal of Medicine which shows that the remittance from depression is extremely short term, hence shock treatments are normally repeated every 1 - 3 months. This period is also, coincidentally, that of "short term" side effects (confusion, memory loss, etc)

  • However, Quebec Science refers to a major survey in California (n=12310, 1989-1994) where 20% of respondents report memory losses exceeding 3 months after treatment.

    In Quebec, 1995:

  • 20% of ECT for persons 70 and older

  • 42% for 60 and older

  • 30% for *women* 60 and older

  • 16 medical doctors, 1.5% of the psychiatric profession, prescribed almost 50% of ECT

  • 90% of ECT was given by only 12% of psychiatrists.