Note: The Shock Doctor Roster is officially supported by the Board of Directors of Support Coalition International (SCI). Our special thanks to Leonard Roy Frank for his valuable editorial assistance.

NOTE: This listing is a public educational service about the subject of electroshock, and should only be used to conduct peaceful and law-abiding actions for human rights. The "shock doc roster" is compiled by submissions from individuals who alleged that someone in their opinion is or has been involved, directly or indirectly, in the administration of electroshock. These opinions only represent the individuals who submitted them, and do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of Support Coalition International, its board of directors, members or sponsoring organizations, including If you feel a name has been placed in error on this "shock doc roster," please immediately inform Juli Lawrence at , and also


The following statement is largely based on the one published under "Shock Doctor Roster" in one of the last issues of Madness Network News (Spring 1986) where the Roster had been published regularly for 12 years

Listed psychiatrists either administer or authorize shock "treatment" for psychiatric inmates/patients, supervise other psychiatrists who administer it (as in teaching institutions), or make referrals to psychiatrists who do.

We encourage shock survivors and other people to e-mail to (using Roster in the subject line) the names electroshock psychiatrists, their hospital affiliations, cities, states/provinces (where applicable) and countries.

In addition to your e-mail address, please include your name and snail-mail address with your submission(s). The Roster will not list any names submitted anonymously. Listed psychiatrists who no longer use this procedure, or have been mistakenly included on the Roster, will have their names removed from the Roster upon notification to

We chose the name "Shock Doctor Roster" because psychiatric facilities where electroshock is used, frequently prepare "shock rosters" naming those people who are scheduled to be shocked at a given time. We selected the term "shock doctor" in memory of Ernest Hemingway, who used it in anger while being forcibly electroshocked in 1961. (A few days after being released from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota, he committed suicide.).

We will maintain the Roster and post updates frequently on the list. Our sincere thanks for your cooperation.

Note: The SCI Listserve is for informational purposes, to alert the public about threats to their human rights. In addition to public education, Support Coalition International supports nonviolent political activism including civil disobedience to win human rights.

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