Alternative Conference and Report
Complementary Therapies
Osteopathy Pilot Study
Diet And Mental Health / Books On
Depression - An Epidemic
Technique to Fight Depression
'The Shocking Truth' Report
Summary of ECT Anon. Survey
Letter re. 'The Shocking Truth
Statistics and ECT / Related Letters
From Canada Wayne Lax
Wendy Funk's Book
From New Zealand Anna de Jonge
ECT and Rose West
The Elderly at Risk 7
'Help the Aged' reproduced letter
Ronnie Allen / Pat write the NSPCC
The State of ECT in the States
ECT Goes To Amnesty International
A Survivor Account
A Solicitor Offers Help
ECT: PTSD Group Action
Lucy Johnstone's Study Reviewed
A Halfway Survivor Speaks Out
Plus More Critical Appraisal
Jack Straw's Policies
? Surgery for Personality Disorders
Surgery for Heroin Addiction Exists
Psych Jokes
Use of ECT Is Being Fostered
Constraints on The Review Team
'Consultation' Limitations
Inherent Contradictions Mentioned
ECT a Criminal Assault!
Incriminating Findings For Sale
The Proposals In Respect of ECT
A Response By The Survivors
Comments / Letters
Starvation Is On The Cards
Mentally Ill Need Sensitive Portrayals
Ava From Her Book, 'Unrrained'
Poems: 'Im Me, I'm Mine
Untitled Poem
'Zombie Mutant Hero
Famous Last Word

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