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richard abrams
charles kellner
christian hageseth
kimon efstathianos
harold sackeim

Welcome to the Shocked! Hall of Shame. Here we present the very worst in ECT practitoners and researchers. To be included in the ECT Hall of Shame, candidates must prove dedication to condescension towards patients (there, there, little woman, don't you worry...dr. daddy knows what you need), failure to present the whole truth about the treatment, and general disregard for honesty and respect.

If you have a candidate for the Hall of Shame email with the information. Write a letter explaining why you think your candidate should win this prestigious award. If you have a photo, include that. Otherwise I have to find a silly cartoon. (Note, if you simply email and say "Dr. So and So should be in the HOS" that won't do. I need to know WHY.)

Don't miss the special Marquis de Sade Awards, recognizing sadism and sexual predation in psychiatry and ECT! Drs. Cameron, Tien, and Aden have received studded bullwhips and initialized branding irons for their service.

Grand Prize Winner! 2002

The good folks at Price-Waterhouse have held the winning envelope, but now the winner may be revealed.

Lying for fun and profit......Harold Sackeim, PhD. Max Fink calls him a "research study entrepeneur." Read the full story on Harold Sackeim...

Our Year 2000 Winner!

Dr. Kimon Efstathianos of Belleville, Illinois is my own personal shock doc. I thought it was time we meet the man who is responsible for my interest in ECT. He's well-known for being a male chauvinist pig, and many women find him repulsive. He graduated in the early 50s in Athens, Greece, and I don't think he's updated his skills since, other than friendly chats with the pharmaceutical reps. He prefers his patients submissive and brain dead, which is probably why his shock practice is his number one favorite thing. Congrats Dr. E, and Heil Hitler!!!

1999's best!

Dr. Charles Kellner. His motto: When all else fails, just lie! And at, Kellner is: Caught on Tape! There's no way out of it, Chuckie, you lied to the American people. A double shame on you.

Previous honorees

Richard Abrams, the King of Shock!
Last year, we held a contest for Ricky, because he needed a new hairdo. The vote is over, but you can read about the contest, and see him as he models new hairstyles. Richard Abrams is the King.

Max Fink, Grandpa of ECT
Grandpa Max used to claim that ECT worked by causing brain damage. He argued for years that the therapeutic effect from ECT is produced by brain dysfunction and damage. He pointed out in his 1979 textbook that "patients become more compliant and acquiescent with treatment," and he connected the improvement with "denial, disorientation," and other signs of traumatic brain injury and an organic brain syndrome.

Christian Hageseth, ECT stud daddy
This guy promotes himself as a compassionate humorist and psychiatrist. He fails to mention that he likes having sex with his female patients. Oddly enough, after the story broke and he lost a lawsuit - and ultimately his medical license - Dr. Hageseth's huge website on ECT disappeared. Chris, where are you? Hope the sex was worth it! Double Winner! Chris also wins the Viagra Award!!!