Welcome to the story of Doctor Evil, just some fun I had with The Sims. (god bless being snowed in!) If you're not a Sims player, give it a try. The nice thing about The Sims is that YOU control everything. You can burn people you dislike up in barbecue fires, or torture them to death. It's a socially acceptable way to work out aggressions and anger. I highly recommend it as a fun way of getting back at people who have pissed you off. Turn them into a Sim and have at them.

In light of that, I've made a Sim of myself, so in lieu of hate mail and the weekly viruses that my fans send me, just burn me to a crisp. You'll feel better, and it's more effective than trying to send me a computer virus. (Free hint: I use Macs, and all of those viruses that go around do not affect Macs. Free hint number two: I do run Windows at times, and even then, I wouldn't download a file from someone I don't know. So if you aren't my mother, don't bother. Thank you.)

The Saga Read the story of Doctor Evil and those who loved him.
The Skins The skins I used in this story, plus others because they're fun to make. Mostly cute outfits for women. Plus the Julianne skin if you want to burn me to a crisp.
Tutorial A tutorial on converting skins to work on Macs (in particular, making the cmx files work so your game won't crash!), plus some tips on making your own skins and using Sim Show.

My favorite Sims Links
Oooh, new wonderful site up just for Macs! It's got lots of stuff, so be sure and check it out. They've got skins and some GORGEOUS walls! Sims4Mac

Sims for Macs - a great resource for Mac users, with news, links and most importantly, a message board. Everyone there is friendly and eager to share tips. (Note: the Sims for Mac site has folded, so I've changed the link to an archived version at archive.org)

The Sims Resource - I think this is the biggest Sims site out there. Tons of skins, objects (furniture, walls, etc.), plus tutorials and a Mac message board. If you download skins from there and they crash your machine, you need to change the .cmx files. Go to my tutorial page above for help on that.

7 Deadly Sims - This is a great site, and skins and objects are based on the seven deadly sins. Lots of fun.

Welcome Mac Sims fans!

If you're not a regular ect.org visitor and are here for the Sims stuff, WELCOME! Want to learn more about ECT (also known as shock therapy)? Yes, they STILL do this! Go to the ect.org main page and read all about it.