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The Effects of ECT

Herbal Treatments for ECS-Induced Memory Deficits: A Review of Research and a Discussion on Animal Models
Participate in an ECT evaluation if you've experienced adverse effects
ECT Effects on Memory
ECT: II: Patients who Complain
Adverse Psychological Effects of ECT
Memory - Now Where Did I Put Those Keys?
NAMI promotes misinformation
Voices From Within: A Study of ECT and Patient Perceptions
Time to Abandon Electroconvulsion as a Treatment in Modern Psychiatry
Dr. John Breeding's Testimony to the NY State Assembly
ECT damage is easy to find if you look for it
Psychiatrists' views on ECT and brain damage
Dr. Sydney Samant on ECT
Can ECT Permanently Harm the Brain?
Psychopathology of Frontal Lobe Syndromes
Brain Damage and Memory Loss From ECT
An Intro to neuropsychological assessment
Electroshock as head injury
Brain scans and Charles Kellner

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The Saga of Dr. EvilSims, plus Mac Sims skins, tips and tutorial
Overcoming the Impossible
Effective Mood Stabilization With a Chelated Mineral Supplement
Do Vitamins or Minerals (Apart From Lithium) Have Mood-Stabilizing Effects?
Herbal Treatments for ECS-Induced Memory Deficits: A Review of Research and a Discussion on Animal Models
Fish oil found to ease manic depression
Prozac of the sea
Fats for mental health
Pathway to health
Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Bipolar Disorder
Healing any doubts over 'natural' therapy
Insight meditation found to relieve psoriasis, anxiety
Acupuncture can work, and it's not just wishful thinking
Patient, Heal Thyself